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The Black Door Teasers – May 2022

The Black Door Teasers - May 2022
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Coming up on The Black Door this May 2022:

Monday 2 May 2022
Episode 16

Take care of

Nolitha thinks of another way Khaya can assist her with imagining. Nka’s ploy to get Boniswa under his impact works and Boniswa ends up in peril as she meanders on the production line floor.

Tuesday 3 May 2022
Episode 17

A Drug Test

Rebs needs to be certain Zodwa is reserved for the forthcoming meeting. Nka attempts to offer his own sweetheart down the channel to acquire focuses with Rebs however it’s purposeless. Jupiter is profoundly harmed when he at last understands that the young lady he cherishes doesn’t think about him that way.

Wednesday 4 May 2022
Episode 18

Gradual steps

Rebs turns on Nka and throws him out yet Boniswa persuades him to remain. Thenjiwe, who is well en route to collect the cash for Velaphi, is given a chance to twofold her cash and she gets bulldozed.

Thursday 5 May 2022
Episode 19

A Secret Exposed

Khaya, who was anticipating his date with Nandi is left disappointed when he is informed he has been reserved at The Black Door on Sunday. He is stunned when he finds that Chuma was a sex laborer.

Friday 6 May 2022
Episode 20

Evangelist Guy

Thenjiwe is crushed when she understands she was defrauded of all her cash. Khaya finds it difficult to grapple with the way that Chuma was carrying on with a twofold life. He gets into an inebriated twisting that closures with him having intercourse with Nolitha.

Monday 9 May 2022
Episode 21

Not My Brother’s Keeper

Khaya laments engaging in sexual relations with Nolitha. Junior and Nka line of sight in view of a kiss. Rebs is baffled when the frameworks’ party doesn’t prove to be fruitful.

Tuesday 10 May 2022
Episode 22

Insatiability and Desire

Khaya makes a good attempt to unscramble a slip-up that could influence for what seems like forever. Nandi summons sufficient nerve to take a strong action. Kid Boy is humiliated when he observes his mom in a compromising position.

Wednesday 11 May 2022
Episode 23

I’m Not Chuma

Khaya is set off by what Nomsa says and he rages at her. Romeo needs to manage a crisis at The Black Door. Rebs is stunned when she tracks down Boniswa in a weak state.

Thursday 12 May 2022
Episode 24

Nolitha’s Lie

Nandi is energized as she designs her date with Khaya. Nkanyiso gives everything away to Rebs that shakes her relationship with Junior. Khaya is feeling much better when Nolitha consents to take the next day contraceptives.

Friday 13 May 2022
Episode 25

The Storm after the Calm

Khaya and Nandi at long last go on their most memorable date however it’s hosed when Khaya needs to rush off to work where the startling looks for him. Boniswa lets Nka know that marriage is the keep going thing at the forefront of her thoughts.

Monday 16 May 2022
Episode 26

Sorry Not Sorry

Rebs looks into the break in The Black Door’s security. Kid Boy scorns Boniswa when she attempts to interface and bond with him. Nolitha shocks the family when she lets them know that she’s returning home.

Tuesday 17 May 2022
Episode 27


Nomsa loses her marbles when Thenji attempts to move into Chuma’s room. Nka will not be outshone by Rebs in fulfilling Boniswa. He makes Boy apologize to Boniswa. Mvubu accidentally opens Khaya’s lie to Nandi.

Wednesday 18 May 2022
Episode 28

You Are Not Alone

Nandi maintains that nothing should do with Khaya. Nomsa is prepared to acknowledge Chuma’s passing. The Black Door laborers need to make an arrangement to get clients back. Kid Boy is acquainted with another world. Rebs is glad for Boniswa for battling allurement.

Thursday 19 May 2022
Episode 29

Great Night Chuma

Khaya actually can’t break through to Nandi. The Sokhulu’s think back about Chuma’s life. The Black Door long distance race is well in progress and is by all accounts effective. Bonnie is grieved when she’s informed the weed she’s holding has a place with her child.

Friday 20 May 2022
Episode 30

Kiss Under the Moonlight

Khaya picks love over work and his bold activity is compensated liberally.

Monday 23 May 2022
Episode 31

A Thin Line among Love and Lies

Khaya holds fast in the wake of missing the sex long distance race and leaves Rebs feeling tested however later pays for his rebellion. Boniswa admits to Nkanyiso that she was enticed to partake in the ganja she found on Boy. Romeo’s recommendation leaves Khaya conflicted between adoring Nandi and being a sex specialist.

Tuesday 24 May 2022
Episode 32

Light in the Darkness

Khaya discovers that the obligation he owes Rebs hasn’t diminished in view of his mom’s clinic bill. The Sokhulus send Velaphi off to the exploring soccer camp. Rebs gets an unexpected gift from Junior.

Wednesday 25 May 2022
Episode 33

Not without a battle to the death

Khaya and Nandi’s meeting sees them being embarrassed and Khaya needs to rush home for a crisis. Rebs designates another chief at The Black Door, leaving Romeo feeling irate and scorned. Boniswa winds up needing after she dishonestly charges Boy.

Thursday 26 May 2022
Episode 34

New Boss around

The Sokhulus discovers groundbreaking information about one of their own. Junior makes his attendance felt at The Black Door. Jupiter gets the way in to the future, in a real sense.

Friday 27 May 2022
Episode 35

Dream On

Bra Gibb acquaints Jupiter with the vehicle wash folks; it’s all frameworks go. Velaphi’s fantasies about playing soccer are run by Thenji and a kin’s victory prompts Thenji let the family know that Khaya works for Rebs.

Monday 30 May 2022
Episode 36

Mystery inaccessible.

Tuesday 31 May 2022
Episode 37

Mystery inaccessible.

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