The Frontliners Monday 4th October 2021 Update

The Frontliners Wednesday 5th October 2021 Update
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The Frontliners Monday 4th October 2021 Update Ishani said alright, I have seen Sid’s face, whether you are happy now, SID has won my peace and happiness, you see a patient inside him, I see a liar and cheat in him, you want to know why I don’t want to see His face, he was my first love, I had seen a lot of dreams with him, I thought he would always stay with me.

I will have a beautiful family with him, I struggled against Mama and Mami for this man, he left me at the mandap and left, I was waiting for him until now, he would return and feel guilty, then I would slap him and I would slap him and I will slap it and.

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Ask what I did, why did my loveless that he left me, I presented today’s punishment, did you get your answer, whether you are happy now, I want to know who will give my answer, who should I ask, who will me Ask, who will I ask, what I will ask, who will I ask. This dead body … I shouted, could he hear my voice, tell me, whether he would understand my pain and feelings.

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He said SID and NV would have a good bond, SID used to save the patient how, and great NV will also save you, he can see your pain, you are a patient, only patients who are sick, not others, right. He said this man was not my patient or anyone, I hated him. He shouted I hated this man. He cried and said I hate you, Dr. Sid. Bebe hugged him.

The Frontliners Monday 4th October 2021 Update Ishani cried in her room and took a pill. He said I couldn’t stay here. He packed his bag. Bebe came to stop him. Ishani said I can’t stay here, try to understand. He said it wasn’t easy for me to stay under one roof with SID, try to understand.

Bebe said listen to me once. Ishani said you like my mother. Bebe said if you believe I like your mother, then don’t leave this house. Ishani asked, didn’t I have the right to live with my wishes. Bebe said you have rights.

Ishani cries. Bebe said I can’t see the Ratan family, swear that you won’t leave. Ishani asks what I have to do. Bebe said solving the problem for everyone, Ratan had gone for a meeting, he would come late, you think well, don’t cry, I will send fresh juice for you.

Two doctors Sahay and Tripathi saw a patient and planned to sell his organs. Sahay said if we get young patients, we will get more money by selling their organs. Ishani calls Sahay and says I have to admit coma patients, whether all their facilities are perfect. Sahay said we have everything, don’t worry, we will take care of patients well, how old. Ishani said 33 years.

He said, don’t worry, he is our responsibility, you gave him his right hand. He said alright, I will send the address message. Sahay said Tripathi, your dream of getting a flat will be achieved, our business will develop.

Ishani says you can go from my life with your wishes, but you can’t come in my life with your wishes, you have to go. Rahil and Philo make calls in all hospitals. They asked Sid. He said how possible, where we will find Sid now. He said we had to find it, he got lost again. Ishani took SID in the ambulance and thought of their moments. Harjaiyaan … play …

He asked him to leave his life. He took him to the hospital. Sahay said he was young, how did this happen to him, give us his letters. Ishani said correctly, this is the file. Sahay said so he was also a doctor, whether there were relatives with him. He said no. Sahay signed Tripathi. Tripathi asked him to fill out the form. Ishani said you can talk to me because I am also a doctor.

The Frontliners Monday 4th October 2021 Update Sahay said no, we will only come. He said Dr. Sid, we will use you to increase our bank balance, when he leaves, I will take it out and take his kidney and all his organs. Tripathi said his family was not there. Sahay said I would kill him. He said to know me if you need something, his care must be the best. Sahay asked him not to worry. He saw and thought goodbye forever.


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