The Girl on a Bulldozer (2022) [Korean]

The Girl on a Bulldozer (2022)
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Haeyoung is a hopeless girl. She lives with her father who runs a Chinese restaurant, and a younger sibling. One day, her father has a mysterious accident, which places her in a position of responsibility. She is now not only the head of the house and must look after her younger sibling, but also an investigator tasked with finding the truth about the accident, and a fighter standing against the ugly world.

The Girl on a Bulldozer (2022) // Buldojeoe tan sonyeo

Genre: Drama, Mystery

Release Date: Apr 7, 2022 (South Korea)

Stars: Kim Hye-yoon, Park Hyuk-kwon, Yesung, Oh Man-seok

Source: The.Girl.on.a.Bulldozer.2022.1080p.VIU.WEB DL.AAC.H.264 iTsOK

Language: Korean

Subtitle Language: English



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The Girl on a Bulldozer (2022) : One of life’s greatest incongruities is the means by which we arrive at particular ages that have us in an unusual social limbo. As Alice Cooper concisely put it in his exemplary hit I’m Eighteen from 1971: “I’m a kid and I’m a man” ­ at the end of the day, we are legitimately grown-ups once we turn 18 yet we are as yet treated as kids by individuals we meet and by specific rules.

19 year-old Gu Hye-yeong (Kim Hye-Yoon) is an inked, indecent, hot-tempered youngster who is wildly defensive of her more youthful sibling Hye-jeok (Park Si-charm) yet has had her fill of her careless dad Bon-jin (Park Hyuk-kwon). Bon-jin runs a Chinese eatery however is still somewhere down under water. The day after Bon-jin reestablishes his life coverage, he is engaged with an auto crash and left cerebrum dead.

The Girl on a Bulldozer (2022)  Since Hye-yeong’s mom has died, she is presently the one to assume liability of the family undertakings, with individuals are appearing unexpectedly to gather on Bon-jin’s obligations that Hye-yeong didn’t know anything about. There is likewise a couple of waiting inquiries regarding the subtleties of the fender bender being a supposed self destruction endeavor Hye-youthful need replies to, which prompts the revelation of political defilement and a few unforgiving real factors about her dad’s way of behaving.

To the extent that Hye-yeong goes, Alice Cooper hit the bullseye as she attempts to explore a general public which anticipates that she should act one way while treating her in another. The Girl On A Bulldozer is a thoughtful presentation from Park Ri-Woong igniting with a stewing rage we’ve all felt as young people however I question any of us went similarly as Hye-yeong does when the delayed bomb inside off ultimately went off.

Park has different issues to investigate in spite of the fact that they will generally fulfill what I assume are normal K-show shows, similar to the political defilement and useless family plots, which could cause this to feel like standard admission. The smothering of the male centric culture towards ladies, another old number one, is momentarily present here as well, however not an inborn issue for Hye-yeong to be worried about, generally as she is a fiery girl’s spitfire.

The film opens with a dreary Hye-yeong in court getting a local area stir sentence for separating a battle in a shop (by raising a ruckus around town first), and is informed she is qualified for prison now she is 19, bringing up she has past. Normally, the primary thing Hye-yeong does subsequently is find the domineering jerks and beats the snot out them, providing us with a very smart thought of who we are managing.

Strangely, it is this equivalent rebellious, dense demeanor that serves Hye-yeong well in her ceaseless battle for equity against her abusers, of which there are quite a large number. Bon-jin is uncovered as a man with a beverage and betting issue and has brought numerous others into his trap of misleading in attempting to track down a purpose. Unexpectedly, in get-together data on the fender bender, Hye-jeong uncovered a legal trick directed by the attorneys of the supposed person on foot casualties.

Hye-jeong as of now appears to have taken on a portion of her dad’s liabilities, similar to the prepared family funds, yet isn’t informed everything connected with them, So when she gets back to the eatery from the medical clinic subsequent to seeing Bon-jin lying in a state of extreme lethargy, she is puzzled to find two outsiders estimating up the spot for a refit. Subsequent to pursuing them off with a meat knife, Hye-jeong learns Bon-jin had to be sure offered the café to clear his obligations however even this isn’t really straightforward.

Enter Chairman Choi (Oh Man Seok), well off entrepreneur and political up-and-comer who gave Bon-jin the rent for the eatery working however long he loved – aside from Choi recharges leases like clockwork, and Bon-jin tragically was insatiable with a second-floor expansion he was unable to reimburse. This begins to get a piece untidy the more Bon-jin battles to back the installments through betting and different credits as you would expect, which Hye-jeong is all advancing interestingly.

In any case, rather than aiding Hye-jeong out through empathy, Choi tells this gobby youngster to do one which goes down as well as a statement of regret from Boris Johnson with Hye-jeong. Choi is significant of the grand finish of a position framework which accepts their wealth gives them administering status over the lower classes who ought to know their place. Some even surrender to focusing on front and center, as Hye-jeong’s uncle, just to maintain order.

Tragically for society, our constant hero isn’t one of them, and the stroppy young lady we met toward the start of the film is currently a decided justice fighter we are pulling for as she battles to safeguard her sibling, her family name, and her freedoms as individual. Also, assuming you have proactively recognized that maybe Hye-yeong’s retribution includes the nominal tractor, you would be right, yet it comes to address a great deal more.

Korea actually is by all accounts sub-par with regards to depicting string female leads in wrongdoing shows except if they are either mentally harmed or moronically hot. Hye-jeong is a much needed refresher being a normal high schooler not expose to the male look, assisting Park with coming to his meaningful conclusion about how we expect a lot from youngsters from one viewpoint, and not give them credit when they really do step aerobics on the other.

The Girl on a Bulldozer (2022) : While the content outings up in a couple of spots – absolutely no chance would a canny young lady like Hye-yeong not make a duplicate of implicating proof – the one consistent is the presentation from Kim Hye-Yoon in a star making turn. Highlighted in pretty much every scene bar flashbacks, Kim gets solidly into the person and naturally knows when go hard or to show Hye-yeong’s close to home side, however never overdoes it with all things considered.

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