The Good Son Saturday 16th October 2021

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The Good Son Saturday 16th October 2021:The episode began with Vedant asking Sanju whether he was fine. Sanju asks what happens.

Vedant says you are locked in the warehouse, try remembering. Sanju said I was partying with my friends and sleeping, I don’t remember. MAA said I should doubt you, I should know that you won’t run away from marriage.

Sanju asked why I ran, I really like Pankhudi and can do anything to marry her. Pankhudi said when you left, I tried to give my life. Vedant stopped his father.

He said we were happy to find Sanju, we will tell you when we get the next Mahurat to get married. Couples / Shiv and Parvati watch them and say Vedant is here to fix everything. They go.

The Good Son Saturday 16th October 2021:Vedant said we would know how Sanju land in the trunk, only Pankhudi could find out, he had repaired his bomb. Sanju asks what.

Pankhudi asks how you can blame me, why would I do this. Vedant said Pankhudi threatened Purva, he asked Purva to convince me to get married, he would kill my brother. Pankhudi said this girl tried to frame me many times.

Sanju said I didn’t remember anything, I was near death. He asked him to protect him, it was his job. Purva asks what your job is, you kill people who love you very much.

Pankhudi asked him to provide evidence. Purva said I had the proof, when you were in the room, you were also recorded in CCTV footage. He showed the tape. Maa slapped the Pankhudi.

Vedant said I thought you would regret after killing a Purva baby, you didn’t change, you tried to kill Sanju. Pankhudi said this girl had forced me to do this.

Purva thinks to stop this game. Pankhudi said we love Purva, this girl comes into your life, I want to stop my marriage with Sanju. Sanju said you had repaired my bomb. Pankhudi said the bomb was not real.

Vedant said the timer was on. He said it was fake, I just stopped marriage, I didn’t endanger anyone.

Vedant says stop your nonsense and leave the house. Pankhudi said I just wanted to tell you, that this girl was fraud. Vedant says enough, I don’t care for that, I like my purva. Purva looked at him.

Pankhudi said this was not Purva, I would prove it. Sanju says everyone regrets you shoulder, I regret most of it, come out. He said I would leave, but I’ll be back with the proof, all of you will regret.

Leaf pankhudi. Laxmi came to greet Shiv and Parvati. He said Pankhudi left but he didn’t lose. Shiv said the crime must lose, it was all destined. Purva cries and regret. MAA says you have a Vedant today, he said he loves you.


Vedant said I can’t stand anyone who hurt you, it’s true I love you, you don’t leave me alone today. He said I love you very much. He said I love you, would you marry me. Vedant’s father asked him to say yes, he won’t get a better man than Vedant.

MAA says Purva, I know you are waiting now for a long time. Purva goes. Vedant came to him and asked what happened. He said you said you didn’t accept me as a purva, then how can you love me as someone else. He said you mean I have to accept you as Purva, I can’t do this.

The Good Son Saturday 16th  October 2021:He asked him to decide now, if he chose Sindoor, he would not prove himself as Purva again, he would be from him with the same identity, if he chose another hand, he would prove himself as Purva. He chose Sindoor. Tere the Yara … play … He said that from my side. They smile and hug.

The Good Son Wednesday 13th October 2021 Zee World

Vedant said we would get married tomorrow. Pankhudi asked what if the marriage was canceled, I had something to show. He said Purva had written everything about his life, this girl got this laptop and came here to take Advan

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