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Scene 1

These Street Saturday 6th November 2021 Zee World:Mohana comes home. Moushmi says so good to see you. Nevi says you need rest. Shan comes. Mohana hugs him. She says I am mad at you.

You married this girl and didn’t tell me? Nevi says she is Ridoy’s wife. Mohana says it’s the same thing. Mohana hugs her and says you look like a friend. Beauty says she is a widow.

Mohana says we should get her married to Shan. This is normal in US. Nevi says care about your wedding. It’s in two days.

Shan says what? Her marriage? Nevi says yes. Her in laws wanted her them to get married here. Mohana’s parents come in.

Her dad says who knew Mohana will choose a guy who is from Calcutta too. Nei says we have to do all the rituals. Moushmi says it will be so much fun. Mohana’s mom says come with me.

These Street Saturday 6th November 2021 Zee World:starts. All the married woman do arti of Mohana. Asmita makes her eat. she says I hope love between you and your husband is as sweet as this sweet.

Moahan’s mom stops her hand and says you are a widow. Married women do these rituals. Colored clothes wont make you a married woman. Go from here and see all functions from a distance.

Asmita is leaving. shan holds her hand. Shan says you wont go anywhere. Mohana’s mom says let her go. Shans ays why? Shan says behave with women of these house.

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I am disappointed you are from US and you have this kind of mentality. You can’t insult a woman in this house. She says why are you taking her side? What is she to you? Asmita says please don’t ruin Mohana’s day.

Let it be. She leaves. Shan leaves too. A woman says their romance never ends. who knows if the baby is Ridoy’s or Shan’s. Mohana’s mom says what is happening in this house. Nevi says don’t worry. i have an eye on everything.

Shan brings Sweets for Asmita. He says you missed this. ASmita says you hated me? He says yes I do.

But.. He wears his childhood mask and says this one doesn’t hate you. You are my puchki and I am your bhondo.. He makes her wear her childhood mask. Asmita says our hate is gone? He says your pain is more than my hate.

You eat this. He leaves. Nevi looks at them. she says I wont let shan come back to your life. I will part you forever in 24 hours. I will play master plan in Mohana’s wedding.

Scene 2
Mohana says to Shan you have to bring me red and white bangles. Shan says I will bring them for sure. Nevi says don’t try to be nice. My son’s murderer doesn’t need to be part of her wedding.

All of this doesn’t matter to ou. Asmita comes. Asmita says enough. There is importance of every relation. Shan paid all the expenses for sir’s treatment.

He saved us all. He is trying to pose as a bad person but his heart is nice. Bua says really? She says yes. Ravindra comes and holds Shan’s hand. He hugs him in tears. Shan touches his

feet. Shan is in tears. Nevi says but.. Asmita says not a word. Nevi says you will order me? Asmtia says Ridoy was doing drama of being mad. do you want me to tell that to everyonee? I have proofs.
Shan says why so emotional. It is Moahan’s big day. Mohana hugs him and says I am glad all misunderstandings are gone.

These Street Saturday 6th November 2021 Zee World:Asmita looks at Ridoy’s reports. thank God I got this file from hospital while investigating for another case. She says Shan kept warning me that Ridoy isn’t man but I didn’t listen to him. I will tell him everything. Shan and I will unite in Mohana’s wedding.



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