These Streets January 2022 Teasers

These Streets On Zee World Thursday 20th January 2022
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Monday third January 2022

Asmita consents to wed Mr. Shekhawat. Krishi is passed on grief stricken at Asmita’s choice to wed Mr. Shekhawat. During the commitment service, Shantanu gets jealous when he sees them moving together. In any case, Nivedita assists Krishi with a plan to stop the commitment service.

Tuesday fourth January 2022
Nandini asks Krishi’s assenting father Aashish to sell Krishi. Aashish shows up in the pretense of a lady to kidnap Krishi. Afterward, Shantanu keeps the ceiling fixture from falling on Asmita.

Wednesday fifth January 2022

Progressing through the CCTV film, Asmita discovers that Aashish kidnapped Krishi. Asmita discovers that Aashish has sold Krishi at Pari Mahal. She requests that Aditya assist her with tracking down Krishi Meanwhile, Nandini persuades Thaku Maa to sell Krishi elsewhere with the goal that Asmita and Shantanu will not have the option to find her.

Thursday sixth January 2022
Helen Bai consents to purchase Krishi. Krishi tumbles from the rooftop trying to save herself. At the emergency clinic, an injured Krishi needs blood. To keep Shantanu from going to the emergency clinic, Nandini misleads him about Chahat’s mishap.

Friday seventh January 2022

Nivedita appeals to Goddess Durga to be tolerant and bring Krishi back. Shantanu figures out how to restore Krishi. Nandini is stunned to discover that Krishi is as yet alive. On recovering awareness, Krishi requests to see Shantanu.

Monday tenth January 2022
Shantanu lets Krishi know that he cherishes her. Mr Shekhawat persuades Asmita to get hitched. Before his wedding, his companions arrange him an impromptu get-together.

Tuesday eleventh January 2022
Krishi concocts a plan to stop the wedding and Shantanu consents to it. Nandini attempts to affect Mr. Shekhawat against Asmita. Further, Asmita’s ‘Mehendi’ function starts. Afterward, Shantanu executes his arrangement to stop the function.

Wednesday twelfth January 2022
Asmita upbraids Shantanu and stays firm on her choice to wed Mr. Shekhawat. Shantanu challenges Asmita that he will be the one to break her quick. For the wellbeing of Krishi, Shantanu diets for Asmita. Afterward, Krishi gives him a method for halting the wedding.

Thursday thirteenth January 2022
Asmita discovers that Shantanu has saved a quick for her. Asmita poses Shantanu a significant inquiry which renders him dumbfounded. Further, Asmita reports her choice with a condition that leaves everybody astonished.

Friday fourteenth January 2022
Asmita attempts to apologize to Krishi yet becomes irate at her for requesting that she not wed Mr. Shekhawat. Mr Shekhawat attempts to compel her to wed him, yet Shantanu mediates and keeps him from doing as such.

Monday seventeenth January 2022
Nandini requests that Asmita take off from the house as her motivation has been satisfied. Nivedita opens Asmita’s eyes by causing her to understand that Shantanu never undermined her and it was every one of the a piece of Nandini’s scheme. Shantanu brings presents for his girls, however Chahat breaks Krishi’s gift.

Tuesday eighteenth January 2022
Asmita guarantees Krishi that no one will actually want to isolate her mom and father. Mr Shekhawat gets back to the Majumdar house with Nirvaan expecting to get Asmita back. Nandini challenges Krishi that she won’t ever have the option to rejoin her folks. During the ‘Diwali’ festivities, a thought strikes Krishi to bring her folks closer.
More Teasers will be added soon, yet these roads is finishing this January.

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