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Scene 1

These Streets Monday 13th December 2021:Asmita comes to the house. Everything is decorated. She smiles and walks on the roses carpet. Asmita runs and hugs shan. Asmita says nandani would never save me? How did this happen? What is your deal with her? I am sure you did all this. He says nothing. Asmita says tell me what it is. Shan says you shouldn’t worry. It isn’t good for you and the baby. Asmita says tell me the truth. What is it?

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Nandani says shan you made me win by agreeing to my condition. You gave me something that is worth more thant seeing asmita in jail.
Shan says nothing. I requested to her. Asmita says this can’t be true. shan says I told her I got the real video. He says you have to take care of yourself now. You can’t be roaming around. Asmita says I will take care of our baby. Shan hugs her and says in heart I can do anything to save you and my baby. I will sign the contract.

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These Streets Monday 13th December 2021:Bua and Ridoy make everyone eat sweets. He says nandani eat it. Nandani shoves him. Ridoy says how did this even happen? How did you do something good? Nandani says mind your language. Shan says I have great news for you all. Asmita is pregnant. Ravidnra is happy. Bua hugs Ridoy and says I am so happy. Ridoy says we have to party. Ridoy plays songs and everyone dances.

Scene 2
Asmita wakes up. Shan isn’t next to her. Asmita looks for him in the house. asmita calls him.
Shan comes to nandani. He says I can’t sign this. Nandani says you can’t say no. Shan says I can disagree. She says you can’t back out. You have to sign these papers. Shan says you can’t force me. I learned this from you. I became like you. Nandani says don’t forget if you backout, I can kill your child. Shan throttles her and says don’t even dare saying anything like that about my child. He leaves.

These Streets Monday 13th December 2021:Asmita waits for shan. Shan comes home. He says I went to take the meds. Asmita says what are you hiding. I can see you’re worried. Shan says promise me you won’t let anything happen to our child. Asmita says I know how important this baby is for you. Asmita hugs Shan.



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