These Streets Monday 20th December 2021 Zee World

These Streets On Zee World Thursday 20th January 2022
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These Streets Monday 20th December 2021: Krishi comes home. Her dad slaps her and says is this time to come? He says where is the money? you were doing this drama there? You and you and your mom both are useless. HEr mom gives him the money. He says go make me food. He asks Krishhi to wash the dishes. Krishi recalls Shan and says why was he not my father.

Shan hits punching bag. Nandani comes there. She gives him a towel and cleans his body. shan shoves her. she says you are mad at someone else. You saw Asmita. You saw her real face. She fooled you. You saw her reality. You said she is your love. she married someone right away. She is after money. She married a rich man and has a child too. That means she married him right after your breakup. She forgot her child too. Shan says shut up. She says you keep crying for her.

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These Streets Monday 20th December 2021: Asmita comes home. She recalls everything and dances. She slips. Shikhawat holds her. He says control yourself. I know what you are going through. You saw him after six years. He has hurt you. She has moved on in his life. He ruined your life. You have to move on. If you say, I will destroy his life. You can ask him for divorce. Asmita says you won’t do any such thing.

Nandai says asmita has moved on. I am all you have now. We will be together and ruin her life. Shan grasps her face. He comes close to her. Sha shoves her. He says I will never be yours. I won’t forget and forgive her but I would never move on.
asmita says I want to hate him forever. He should be punished by my hands only. I lost my child because of him. I will never forgive him.
Nandani says I know you are upset but why did she come back after all these years? Nevi heas it. She says is this a sign? Why is asmita here?

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These Streets Monday 20th December 2021: Krishi washes the dishes. She goes to change clothes. She says I didn’t eat. She looks at the food. She eats sweets adn says happy birthday to me. She says I can always celebrate my own birthday. She sleeps. She looks at her bracelet. She says I wish I see that uncle again so I can give him this bracelet.

Precap-Krishi’s dad sells her to Pari mehel.


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