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These Street Sunday 12th December 2021
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These Streets Monday 6th December 2021:Nandani said what he said. The judge says do you have proof? Asmita said she admitted in front of me. Nandani said he had lost his mind. The lawyer says do you have proof? Asmita said yes.

Asmita asked Nandani to come in the Witness box. Nandani said my father was my hero. Asmita asked her you called Shan during the night of murder. He said I didn’t remember.

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Asmita said I had a call note. Nandani said he had to be there. Lawyers say this does not mean anything. Asmita showed them CCTV footage from that night. The judge saw it. Asmitta says you are with your father all at that time. The lawyer said no Nandani was left for the test. I have a police officer.

Police come. Asmita says swearing to your uniform and say you took Nandani for LAV for the test? He said yes we

Go to the lab but we returned. The judge said that the way he didn’t even exist. You waste court time. We will give a verdict tomorrow.
Asmita came to Shhan. The police took him.
Asmita saw her and crying. Ridoy said everything would be fine. Asmita said we didn’t have time. We need evidence at any cost.
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These Streets Monday 6th December 2021:Ridoy says what you say … Are you all Shan can kill? You don’t believe your own child? Shan could never do that. Moushmi said Asmita you left this house. You can’t come here, our door is closed to you. Ridoy said waiting. Don’t forget this is my house. This is home and business owned by Shan. He will decide who can live here and who cannot. Asmita says let it be. I will leave here.

These Streets Monday 6th December 2021:Asmita said I would get Shan out of prison. You all hate me, It killed me to see Shan far from this house. I will get Shan out of prison. Nevi said why did you do this drama. Shan will never get out of prison. Shan is in this condition because of you. Asmita said I knew but I also knew, I will get her out of it.

Ravindra looks at him … he left.
Riody said he always stood by him unlike you. He could never do something like that, but his own family did not believe him.Shan in prison. He remembered moments with Asmita. Asmita comes. He said you miss me? He said yes. Asmita Lord Him. Shan hugged. Asmita said I would get you out of here. No new happiness that comes into our lives. Now do not cry. She hugs him.



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