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These Streets On Zee World Thursday 20th January 2022
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These Streets On Zee World Continues on Zee world for 

January 2022 update, what you watch is what you will like  

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These Streets Saturday 1st January 2022: Pandit ji requests that Krishi give him pooja things. He says for what reason would you say you are vexed? She says I feel like God isn’t with me. She isn’t helping me. Pandit ji says continue to trust her. She will help you without a doubt. Pandit ji gives her parsad. Nevi comes there. Nevi says don’t stress bari mama. All future great. Pandit ji just told me all will be great. Durga Ma will join my folks. Pandit ji says this sindur is filled in hairline of a wedded lady on this day. So their couple becomes solid for eternity. Krishi expresses what is sindur mama? Nevi tells her sindur is worn by wedded ladies. It ensures her better half regardless of where she is and their relationship becomes more grounded. Krishi says so in the event that mom wear dad’s sindur this day, they will be together until the end of time? Nevi says I trust Asmita wears Shan’s sindur today not Shikhawat. Nandani says this will not occur. Also I am seeing you helping this young lady alongside Moni. This will not be great for you. Krishi says you can’t compromise my bari mama. What’s more God is with us. I realize you isolated my folks. Yet, God will join them today. He will fill her hairline. Nandani says we will see whose hairline he fills. Ashish is there to capture Krishi. Nandani says you will go to Sona gachi and never returned.

These Streets Saturday 1st January 2022: Asmita slams into Shan. Shikhawat comes there. He says Asmita sindur thali. He says I can’t perceive you how glad I am. Come. Shan and Asmita take a gander at one another. Her pallu stalls out in his watch. Shikhawat pulls it. The melody jo bheji thi dua plays. Ashish is camouflaged a lady. He falls. Asmita says would you say you are alright? He runs. Nandani says would you say you are insane? You must watch out. Ashish says nobody can save her from me. I will track down her and send her to sona gachi.

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Asmita says there are such a large number of visitors Krishi. Remain with me. Shikhawat says come let me acquaint you with my visitors. A young lady says how about we have some festival. How about we go dance. Asmita dance, please. Asmita says I can’t. Nandani says would you confirm or deny that you are glad with regards to this wedding? For what reason would you say you are vexed? Shan says first-time Nandani is correct. It doesn’t appear as though you’re glad. Shikhawat says Asmita if it’s not too much trouble, show them assuming you point a finger, three fingers point at yo. Asmita goes to move. Shikhawat says you will all perceive how well she moves and how cheerful she is.

These Streets Saturday 1st January 2022: Asmita moves on silsa yeh chahat ka. Ashish plans to abduct Krishi from that point. Krishi remains there and applauds. The crystal fixture is falling on Krishi.. Asmita rushes to save her. The crystal fixture falls on her. shan saves her. Shikhawat picks Krishi. Asmita and Shan get up. Asish says she got saved. There is just a single way now. He accompanies a sedative. Ashish strolls towards Krishi. Shan picks Asmita. Krishi comes to Asmita and says yahoo. There is a red tone on mother’s hairline from dad’s hand. Nobody can part them now.

Precap-Krishi is kidnapped and taken to sona gachi. Shan and Asmita race to save her.


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