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These Streets Saturday 25th December 2021:Krishi’s mother says where did you go? She says to bathroom. She says did you sell? Krishi says OK see this. she says you will get one roti today. Precede 6 home. Your father would hit you.The show is beginning. Krishi goes there. Her mother says in the event that her father discovers I let her go to the dramatization, he would be so frantic. Krishi comes to the administration.Moni says to Nevi for what reason wouldn’t i be able to appreciate? Everybody is at the celebration. Nevi says I generally appeal to God for you. She says let me enlighten you concerning Kanha ji.

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Krishi says I would give a stunning presentation. Nevi educates Moni concerning bal gopal. Nandani searches for Chahat. A child slams into her. She slaps him. the child hits her and runs. Nandni comes running in front of an audience and says where could he be? Krishi comes in front of an audience. The child tells Krishi she hit me.

These Streets Saturday 25th December 2021:Krishi says I will show her something new. She goes hinders Nandani. Nandani falls in front of an audience. Everybody giggles. The child makes her wear ravaan cape. Krishi chuckles. Nandai says I will show you something new. She pursues Krishi yet falls. Everybody chuckles her. Krishi picks the blade. Nandani picks her blade. Chahat says mother hit her. Krishi routs Nandani. Nandani takes the sword from her and slaps her. Krishi tumbles from the stage. Asmita picks her trumpet. Shan picks her wristband. She comes to asmita and says this is mine. She takes the wristband from shan. Nandani sees Asmita and is stunned. Chahat says daddy we should go.

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These Streets Saturday 25th December 2021 :Shan checks out Asmita. Nandai says how about we return home. there is an excessive amount of soil here. Shikawat says OK there are an excessive number of flies too. We shouldn’t be at such a spot. He leaves with asmita.
Every one of Krishi’s companions like her.
Asmit says I wish my youngster was alive. He says I realize you’re upset and I know why. I can show Shan something new. Asmita says you wont do that later what happened tomorrow first thing.
A few hooligans sprinkled mud at Asmita. They ridiculed her. shikhawat came there and hit them. He said take this. He breaks their vehicle. The hooligans apologize. Asmita says you shouldn’t have done this. He says you are my kid’s mother. Asmita says I dont need to rebuff anybody. Kindly we should go from here.

Krishi gives all the food to everybody. Her companion says you eat as well. she says I would eat with my folks. She sees a helpless man and gives her part to him.

I 25th December 2021


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