These Streets Sunday 2nd January 2022 Zee World

These Streets On Zee World Thursday 20th January 2022
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These Streets Sunday 2nd January 2022: Krishi says yippee mother has red tone in hair from Shan’s hand. Nobody can part them. Shikhawat says it was just a mishap. Confess all it. He picks Asmita. Krishi says it isn’t cleaning. Nandani slaps Ashish and says you were unable to try and do it. I will kill you in the event that you don’t hijack her. He says I want another possibility as it were. I will do what you inquired. Asmita says to Shan you disdain me on one hand and afterward hazard your life to save mine? What is this? Shan says on the off chance that anything happens to you, how might I respond? how might I allow anything to happen to you? My life mission is to detest you. This disdain keeps me alive. This is the thing that I live for. Asmita leaves.

Krishi says where could mummy father be? I should see father. He was harmed. Ashish says Krishi kindly assistance me. My foot is harmed. He is veiled as a lady. Krishi holds his hand and takes him to the entryway. He says my stuff is there. Ashish removes his ghunghat. Krishi says baba.. He says OK I am here to remove you from here. He puts hand on her mouth and she blacks out. Ashish takes her from that point. Nandani checks out Ashish and grins. He takes Krishi from that point. Krishi says this would be enjoyable. Nobody can get her out of Sona gachi now.

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These Streets Sunday 2nd January 2022: Asmita cries and searches for Krishi all over. Asmita asks Moni? She says no. Nevi says she isn’t with me all things considered. Asmita says Mr. Shikhawat she isn’t anyplace. Please, my girl. She cries. Shan asks the watchmen. They say we haven’t seen her. Shan says how can that be the case. Go search for her. Nandani says in heart continue to search for her you won’t track down her She should be in Sona gachi at this point.

Ashish comes to Sona gachi. He says such a decent child. Father brought you home Krishi. A tempest seethes on. Pandit ji in sanctuary says God is distraught at something wrong occurring. Nandani says you have made your little girl like that. She doesn’t sit home. Asmita says don’t let out the slightest peep about my little girl. Nandani says would you say you are finished with Shikhawat in one night as it were? Everything is clear. Tell everybody you don’t want to wed him now. You more likely than not concealed her. She should come out and say I will take off from this house assuming you wed Shikhawat. I need Shan dad. This is your sickening all-inclusive strategy. Asmita says you are a particularly sickening lady. Assuming anything God prohibit happens to Chahat.. Nandani says don’t try to say a word against Chahat. Shan says Nandani is correct. You are utilizing a young lady. Shikhawat says shut up you both. Asmita says my girl is lost and all of you care about your contentions?

These Streets Sunday 2nd January 2022: Krishi is brought to Chanda. Ashish grins. Chanda says this is your place like your mother. Sona gachi. Your mother got out yet I won’t release you out ever. Chanda gives Ashish his cash.
The young ladies take Krishi to her room. Asmita request that guard really take a look at CCTV. Asmtia says that man.. He is wearing saree. this tattoo. I have seen it some place. Shikhwaat says where? Asmita says I can’t remember. Nandani says she is fooling around. Asmita says Ashish. He had this tattoo. He took Krishi.


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