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These Streets Thursday 7th October 2021 Asmita gets ready as a bride. A girl gets ready and says I’m very happy. Who knows the bara will come here. Chanda will be very happy. Bua comes and says what do you do.

Shan loves you. Asmita said she killed my mother. You can’t stop me from marrying Shan. Bua said please listen … Asmita left. Bua said Shan had to stop all this.

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Ridoy gets ready. Nevi made His meaning. Ridoy says I know nothing from you is happy but for me, you have to go. I have arranged the band alone. West Leaves Ridoy dances himself. They entered Sona Gachi. Asmita came to the mandap.

He remembered the moment on the road. Asmita hugged the picture and crying Chandas. Bua said I would not let you do this Asmita. I will die if you do this. Asmita said I would do this. Let’s go Friday. He left with Ridoy.

These Streets Thursday 7th October 2021 Asmita’s Doli came to Mazumdar’s house. He imagined Shan at the mandap. It’s Friday. Asmita sat next to it. He imagined Shan. Shan says I know Asmita you will never do this on Shan. He imagined it everywhere.

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Asmita remembers the moment with Shan. He stood up with Ridoy for around. They make each other wear bouquets.

These Streets Thursday 7th October 2021 Shan opened his eyes and said Puchki. A girl calls Shan and Asys where you are. Please stop Asmita’s wedding. Shan said please try to stop it. He said how I could. Pandit Ji asked Ridoy to make Asmita wear Mangalsutra.
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