These Streets Tuesday 14th December 2021 Zee World

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These Streets Tuesday 14th December 2021:Nandani says I will file an FIR on you if you dare talking to me like thi Ridoy. You know what can I do. She goes upstairs. Nevi says you saw.. How long would you do this for shan? Shan gave her this property. Ridoy says there si something that we don’t know. She ruined their lives. They have blackmailed them.

Nandani says this ridoy doesn’t know what can I do. Nandan says no one will know why I let Shan and asmita free. Soon, they will all know nandani won. This is a new beginning. Shan and asmita will be parted. My name will be tied with Shan’s forever.

Shan dances with asmita. They both laugh and smile together. Asmita meditates. Shan stands with her. Shan makes her eat at night. The song raabta plays. He takes care of asmita.
Shan and admits do the arti. They have chits with names. Shan opens the chit and says if it’s a girl, name would be Trishu. Asmita says if its a guy the name would be Krishna. Shan says it would be a girl. Just like you. Shan hugs her.

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These Streets Tuesday 14th December 2021:Shan and asmita decorate the baby’s room.Shan and asmita come to the hospital. He says your eigth month has started Congratulations. I waited so long for this day. We will know the gender today. Doctor asks asmita to go for test. Doctor starts the test.

Asmita and shan see sonography together. Doctor says take care of her. Shan kisses her forehead. He is in tears. Asmita and shan walkout. Shan asks asmita to sit there. He says I will be back. ASmita says we are so happy. How did nandani go all silent for 7 months? Did she give up on our love? I shouldn’t be thinning about her. Asmita sees Thaku ma bringing nandani there. She is shocked. Thaku ma takes her to sonography room. Asmita looks it. Nandani is pregnant too.

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These Streets Tuesday 14th December 2021:Asmita is shocked. she gets her sonography done. She asks dad’s name. Nandani says sham Mazumdar. Nurse says the women before you also had husband Shan.. Nandani says she is his mistress. Shan made a mistake. I let her keep this child. My husband apologized.Asmita is in shock. She cries. Asmita says this is a lie. It can’t be Shan’s child. Nandai says don’t cry. This is a reality. Asmita says to nadnani why did you write shan’s name? How dare you. She says because Shan is the father. Shan comes there.

Precap-Nandani says shan is my husband. This is Shan’s child. Ask him.


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