These Streets Wednesday 22nd December 2021 Zee World

These Streets On Zee World Thursday 20th January 2022
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These Streets Wednesday 22nd December 2021: Shan says to principal my daughter is the best. He says you are spoiling your daughter. She is detroying the decorum of this house. Shan shoves him and says I will get you fired if you say a word about my daughter. There is nothing wrong about her attitude. She won’t be deceived in life for being nice at least. He comes out. Shan recalls his moments with asmita. Shan sits down and says why did you do this. And once you left, why did you come back. How could you do this. Vivan misbehaves with the servant. Asmita says is this what I taught you? Say sorry to uncle. Vivan says sorry uncle. He says sorry. He says I won’t ever do this again mama. You’re the best. You are mine only.

These Streets Wednesday 22nd December 2021: Krishi sees the money and says I will give this money to papa. Chahat shoves her and says you are a dirty gril. Why are you in my school. Krishi shoves her.
Asmita sees a photo of Vivan’s festival. She sees Krishi behind. Asmtia says my daughter.. She is alive? Asmita is shocked. Asmita says my daughter.. Please save her God. Please take me to her. She cries.

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Krishi runs in the school. Chahat and her friends run after her. Krishi sees Shan. Asmita cries and says where is my daughter. Please help me find her God. Please show me a way.
Krishi hugs SHan. Shan is shocked. Chahat says papa.. She hides. Krishi’s mom comes and takes her home. Chaht comes and hugs Shan. San says who was that girl. Why did I feel connected to her touch?

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These Streets Wednesday 22nd December 2021: Nandani says stop asking me for money. Nevi says all of her friends are going on trip. Nandani says I pay for her education. That is enough. I am only Chahan’t mom. I don’t need to pay for Moni. Ask Ridoy.. or he is dead. Nevi says I am sure wherever he is, he is fine. Nevi prays for Moni.
Nandani says if God cared for you he would have helped you years ago. Remember asmita.. I kept her away from her child for six years. She won’t ever know she gave birth to a girl alive. No one can save you in this house. Krishi comes there. She gets out of car’s trunk.

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