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This Is Fate Friday 19th November 2021:Sherlin entered him, closing the door, he thought about what happened when there was a knock on the door, he opened it thought it was Karina Bua but Prithvi, he then entered the couch, he questioned what was happening here, he reacted this way, Sherlin exclaimed him right -Tar angry, Prithvi asked what happened when Sherlin explained Preeta spoke very roughly with the question of Karina Bua, Prithvi why she was worried when Karina was insulted because Preela even insulted him, Prithvi asked him to calm down, Sherlin asked him to stop him, he exclaimed if someone continued -g because he still liked.

Preeta, he mentioned the Prefail, Shisthi and even Rakhi had scolded how he felt if this happened to his question, Prithvi, why he was angry with him, Sherlin exclaimed was because of his mother. Prithvi warned him not to talk about his mother.

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This Is Fate Friday 19th November 2021:Prithvi once again asks him not to worry because the time will change and then the whole family of Luthra will listen to him, Sherlin questioned what he had done which made him so sure that everything would change, Prithvi convinced him he would do it now, he would do it time would change, he clarified that Rishab was in prison so this was the time of gold to make it alone, Sherlin questioned what Karan would watch all this, Prithvi explained that Karan would be busy saving Rishab and in it while he would take over the entire business kingdom, Sherlin questioned what if Sundeep opened his mouth, Prithvi convinced nothing wrong would happen, and when they would take over the entire Empire, he could take revenge from the family, Sherlin question if this would happen really happened, Prithvi convincingly it would happen, Sherlin Kemu. Dian hugged Prithvi smiling that their plan would succeed.

Sundeep was sitting playing games when Sudeepa entered, he simultaneously covered his legs but was relieved to see it was only him, he called out he scared him, Sudeepa said he didn’t care about everyone when he knew the problem was heated but now the trial has ended so what is the plan, Sundeep explained that he was waiting as he would become a millionaire last night, Sudeepa questioned what guarantees he had that Prithvi would even need it after hearing it would not give him money after the second hearing so he would advise him to take money before the second hearing, Sundeep shouted he would call Prithvi earlier.

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This Is Fate Friday 19th November 2021:Prithvi entered the room when he was surprised to see Kritika working on a laptop, he took the question of the laptop what he did when he was always used to saying his cellphone was his second wife, then he could also say the same thing about his laptop, reply Critika he was looking for a good lawyer Rishab, he saw how their lawyers were even able to fight the case correctly, Prithvi himself got a call from Sundeep, he was looking for permission to start talking to Sundeep who would give him the money Prithvi he promised for blaming Rishab, Prithvi said he would immediately give it but Sundeep Asking now, Prithvi agreed to meet him tomorrow where he would give him a million, Kritika asked why he was so tense, Prithvi explained it was one of the employees, he knew how they gave him tension.


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