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This Is Fate Monday 15th November 2021:Sundeep stood in the room when his mother opened the door immediately called the police, he asked them to come but Sundeep asked him to calm down but his mother called the police asking him to see how the girl forced her son to stand even when he was sick, he told the police that his two mothers and girlfriends Many love him because they fight, the police warned them to argue with a low voice because this was the hospital,

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Sundeep called his mother but he warned him to stop talking and sending his girlfriend, Sundeepa asked Sudeepa to return to his house because Maa was with him, he left when his mother sat Next to him questioned how he was, he looked at his house cooked for him.

Mahesh was sitting on a bed, Rakhi

Took medicines that asked him to have it because it would make him feel better, Mahesh explained he didn’t want medicine, because the medicine was Rishab, he had to bring him back,

Sarla also heard from the door corner, he also entered him to have a medicine, He explained that Rishab was locked but if he could not come then why Mahesh did not go to meet him because he was elder and need to stay strong to be support from the family and Rishab, he wondered if Mahesh didn’t really want to go and meet Rishab , Rakhi asks Sarla to sit.
Rakhi sat next to Sarla, he explained that he went to meet Rishab, Rakhi immediately questioned how he was, Sarla explained that he was fine but he himself asked him to tell them that there was nothing to worry about, he felt more worried about it .

They should not be so tense because Navratri is underway and now he believes MAA will help Rishab back because he is a truly obedient person, they must all be sure and pray, Rakhi starts crying, but Sarla calms himself, he himself began to pray.
Shisthi entered the house wondering why the door opened, he saw Sarla sit on the couch, he was a former claimed Shristhi so late and did a lot of work so had to come and eat something, Shristhi explained whether he had made a slap for him at that time he didn’t want anything and left but Sarla stopped him asking him to say he just made him because when Sarla didn’t slap him for some time he began to make a mistake,

This Is Fate Monday 15th November 2021:Shristhi questioned what he had done, Sarla replied even when he lived together and he ate breakfast with him every morning but he still didn’t said anything, he knew after seeing the news that Rishab was arrested, he would leave before he told him, Shristhi explained he did not tell him because he would tense and have blood pressure and heart disease, Sarla exclaimed he was still alive, Shisthi then tried to explain but Sarla said He will explain one thing now because he is already old enough to understand something,

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This Is Fate Monday 15th November 2021:Sarla asks him to come and sit down because he won’t slap him, Sarla explains they live in a house but wrong if he doesn’t tell the truth, he will feel good when children Will ask him about some problems and he will help him solve it so it’s not good that he finds the truth of the third person or television, Sarla explains if he tells him, he will have from his small means who tried to help him know that they were truly rich, Sarla explained Fun if he told him, Shristhi agreed.

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