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This Is Fate Monday 22nd November 2021:Sundeep thought he had sent a message to Prithvi but why he didn’t see his cellphone, Preura along with Shisthi and Sameer began to look at him from behind the boxes, Sundeep was worried while looking at Prithvi, Sameer explained he was constantly looking in front. and afraid as if someone would come, Shisthi explained that the master’s mind would come but he couldn’t see anything, Sameer explained how he would go and look closer from the front, he then hid behind the boxes that will come.

Prithvi stood in front of a miracle factory if Sundeep left after waiting for him, he decided to call him but then realized how he left his cellphone in the car, so returned to get it.

Sameer returned to Shishi exclaiming no one inside, Prithvi reached

The car while the Prefine also tried to see from the window but could not see anyone, Shristhi hid with Sameer when they saw Sundeep falling from the boxes, he then ran so Shisthi exclaimed that he had to record him because he said he could not walk but him Running a marathon,

This Is Fate Monday 22nd November 2021:but mentioned that the recording was only from behind but Preeta explained that there was nothing to worry about since he recorded it from every corner, exclaimed Sameer will display the video to the police tomorrow is the hearing of the court.

Rishab was sitting in a cell when the police said that someone had come to meet him, Mahesh rushed to Rishab who also woke up in excitement, Rishab Mahesh’s question about his health, Rishab took the blessing of Dadi, who explained he brought Mahesh to meet him so he was not worried about him , Mahesh explained that he only came because he wanted to show Rishab that he was actually fine,

Dadi questioned why Rishab cried because they were fine, Rishab explained that he began to cry in front of Mahesh because he was his father and knew his real face even When he loved him the most so he could not lie to Mahesh, Rishab then asked Mahesh to take care of himself because he was most often united, and they would soon be together,

Dadi assured that it would happen because they were all very longing for him, Rishab explained he was right -Tar miss Halwa What he made, Dadi asked him to return when he would make it for him. The police came to say that the team for the meeting was over, Mahesh went with Dadi Bani after hugging Rishab.

Sherlin was in the room when he saw Prithvi, he then pulled him into the room, he questioned what he wanted because he would be arrested, he asked what he meant, Prithvi explained he would be caught because Preeta, his sister Shristhi and Samer, Sherlin explained that he would It’s always there for him, but he can’t help him, Kritika is better than him because he doesn’t know the plans of Preela and Karan, so he can.

To threaten the doctor and destroy their plans when Sherlin just fought with him, Prithvi would leave, Sherlin stopped him explaining that he was really angry and frustrated at this time so he might forgive him, feel frustrated but he was not frustrated he was a person who was frustrated and knew exactly What he wants to do.

This Is Fate Monday 22nd November 2021:Sudeepa was waiting anxiously, Sundeep came when he asked why he called him so urgently, he asked him to listen and not repeat it, he explained he wanted to be accepted at the hospital, Sundeep then sat in a wheelchair, when they entered NS

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