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This is Fate Saturday 15th January 2022:Maira shouts that she has set one fire in the room so presently Preeta needs to turn karan against her, Preeta begs her to quit babbling as she truly does nothing off-base to demonstrate that she adores anybody, she makes reference to that the thing Maira is attempting to do is only a demonstration, she clarifies that she will do now what Preeta has forever been doing and drives her away which causes preeta to get oblivious, she leaves the room imagining that the fire which was intended for her will prompt Preeta being scorched in it, she chooses to leave it open then, at that point, hears the voice of Karan so quickly returns inside going about as though she is in torment, she returns outside and attempts to go about as though she is blacking out so Karan takes her on his arms and runs back first floor.

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Kartika is with Sherlin inquiring as to whether she Is feeling alright then she chooses to call Karina s if not she will get strained, Sherlin then, at that point, sees Karan accompanying Maira and the two of them take her outside, Kartika ponders where Preeta is so goes to mind her in the party yet she can’t track down her,
Karan is with Sherlin requesting that she do anything that she can to cause Maira to recover her cognizant, Kartika is searching for Preeta yet can’t think that she is then she chooses to call Preeta however she doesn’t answer the call, karan imagines that she may be furious with her which is the reason she isn’t tolerating his call, he then, at that point, calls from Kartika who makes reference to that she saw Preeta coming into the inn before her yet she can’t observe her, Karan hearing this closures the call requesting that Sherlin take Maira home as he will proceed to help Preeta. Maira asks why he is following Preeta when she is oblivious.

This is Fate Saturday 15th January 2022: Karan goes into the room, it is totally immersed on fire, he begins hacking however can see Preeta then he gets her, Maira and Sherlin both see him from the corner, Preeta wakes her up to see Karan who is attempting to help her yet she of course gets oblivious, Maira can’t see this sight saying that he came to save Preeta subsequent to leaving her, Karan can’t track down any exit plan, Maira says that they can’t accept the circles as then they would be hitched once more, Sherlin requests that she accompany her as they shouldn’t be visible.
Maira strolls irately, she leaves with listening t0 whatever that Kartika is saying, Sherlin says that she is strolling on the grounds that h seis fine, then, at that point, karan accompanies Preeta in his grasp, Kartika and Karan both are there to help her, she remains back with karan.

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Karan is with preeta in the taxi, he is continually requesting that the driver rush as she isn’t cognizant, however at that point she awakens seeing which Karan gets a moan of alleviation, he inquires as to whether she is alright to which she shouts that she may have gotten oblivious yet is presently fine, he asks her really do nothing like this as she went into the room yet Maira had left the room and she got oblivious, she requests that he not go to the lodging as she is fine, then, at that point, they stop at her home where karan is going to get out yet is halted by Preeta, he says that he has great relations with every one of those whom she calls his family yet there is one in particular who generally tries to avoid her, she requests that he remain silent against her mom, he concurs and when she is going to leave he inquires as to whether she will come to his home to play HOLI, Preeta specifies that she possibly needs to remain with her family as when she isn’t then there is no good reason for commending the celebration, Preeta goes to express gratitude toward him for all his assistance.

Janki is helping Sarla in the kitchen, Shrishti is truly entranced by the smell she contacts the dish however it is truly hot and she consumes her hand, Sarla requests that she proceed to clean it as she would get wounded, then, at that point, Preeta comes to which Sarla requests that she help her sister in getting some information, Preeta likewise prods her, Sarla comes and attempts to take care of Preeta with her own hands, she gets some information about the injury yet Preeta concocts a rationalization that she got it without anyone else, then, at that point, Sarla begins to take care of the both, Preeta specifies that the food which Sarla makes can’t be found anyplace, janki additionally says that their mom is the best culinary expert and nobody can match her, Janki makes reference to that the visitors will adore the dish once they come to their home.

Maira can’t unwind and is pondering what she saw, Sherlin comes begging her to quiet down and sit, Maira sits yet says that she can’t unwind as Karan passed on her to save Preeta in any event, when she was oblivious, he could do without her yet just Preeta, Sherlin guarantees her that karan will just wed her.

Sherlin says that they have not lost the fight and will go through every one of the stunts their sleeves to make them both together. The two of them embrace one another, Sameer sees them both together, he considers how Maira can be companions with Sherlin, he can’t get what the two of them discussed.

This is Fate Saturday 15th January 2022: Toward the beginning of the day, Rakhi is setting up the house, she requests that Ganesh take the thali outside for the visitors, she is taking care of the arrangements when Kartika comes, she inquires as to whether there is sufficient shading for the visitors, Kartika says that there isn’t anything to stress, then, at that point, Rishab and Karan both come behind her, the two of them welcome her and when she gets some information about Karan, Kartika says that it is her youngster who is discourteous and truly difficult, Karan pursues her however is halted by Risahb who says that she is their sister, Dadi likewise says that it is her right, Sameer then, at that point, brings Risahb telephone saying that it is the specialist, he goes to the call and is stunned to hear the news, when everybody asks him he says that the specialist said that Mahesh would be fine actually soon, they all welcome one another, karina implores that he get well actually soon and go to the marriage of Karan and Maira, Karan shouts that he can’t go ahead with this marriage, everybody is stunned to hear his aim.

Precap: Sherlin discloses to Maira that she has an arrangement which will prompt the marriage of karan and herself, Sameer is paying attention to their discussion. The Holi merriments start with a stunning exhibition of karan and preeta.


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