This Is Fate Saturday 2nd October 2021

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This Is Fate Saturday 2nd October 2021 Mira stood on the balcony, Sherlin came to stop her saying that she shouldn’t think of making a mistake because it wasn’t worth it, Ramona also came from behind saying that they had done enough and had to go back to their home, Mara refused to say that she would not go so they were both Having to leave it alone because he had to think what he had to do to make them separate, Maira exclaimed that they had both fooled them because they did not hate each other but pretend it was clear because they were friends and were not easy to damage their relationship.

Ramona insisted on returning but Sherlin explained that he could not do anything because no one at home would help him, even Rakhi Maa liked Preela so he would not be able to do anything, Maira exclaimed that he would make a plan after all People will stop helping Preela.

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Rakhi went to Maira’s room exclaimed that he had to talk to him but no one answered his phone, he was worried about thinking that Mira came to change in her room but was not found.

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This Is Fate Saturday 2nd October 2021 Preeta asked him to leave him, he left said that he might think anything could happen between the two of them, Preela would feel annoyed thinking about it, Karan joked exclaiming that sometimes before he cried out like this, Preeta asked what he meant, he took the saying Long distance that he would lower the temperature and was surprised to see that it was set at seventeen degrees, Karan pulled it closer to saying that he had to give him things he did not like IE to kiss him and feel it. Prefuse stops and gives a remote.

Rakhi called Maira and shouted but Maira did not answer, Ganesh said that he was on the terrace so he would call him because he might not listen to his call, every family member came asking what had happened and why he called Mara, Rakhi replied that he had been on Their home for a long time it was time for him to return, Dadi asked what he meant that Rakhi explained that he had to fulfill the Mahesh suite too, so he felt what he would do now was what Mahesh would do.

Mair also came, Rakhi said that what he would do now, everyone had to accept it, he exclaimed that Ramona was his best friend and he knew Mira since he was a child, Rakhi exclaimed that he wanted their friendship to be a relationship but that.

Can’t happen when Karan married Preta, he apologized to Maira who stopped him saying that it didn’t feel right because the time would pass and the turbulence would calm down, Rakhi said that he was right and it would be calm when he left home, Rakhi said that he had Pondering this problem for a long time it was felt that Mira now had to leave their home like when he was in their home, it would cause problems in their families who could not stand so he had to leave their homes, Sherlin exclaimed that it was unfair and would hurt MAIRA.

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Shristi stopped Janki from closing the lights when he had to drink water, Sarla also said that Janki had to bring balms when his head was sick, Janki said that he would also apply it to his head, he also asked for water to bring water. , Then Sarla asked Janki, who was very important so she wanted to tell her at Luthra House, Janki said that she had gotten her memory and knew what happened to her, Sarla tense demanded the name of the person who tried to kill her by car, Janki said that she could not tell Sarla about the truth because she would tense, Janki left after making sorry.

This Is Fate Saturday 2nd October 2021 arla asks Shristi to apply the balm in his head when it hurts, Shristi said that he would also massage his head so he might feel better, Shristi wondered why Janki didn’t tell

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