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This Is Fate Thursday 28th October 2021:Karan and Preeta back home. Karina welcome Karan. Karan Kritika smile that bad boy is with Akshay. Preeta mentioned Karina call. Karina said she wanted to ask about their arrival. Rakhi came to meet the pair. She said she wished they had stayed longer in Manali, but also lost them.

Kritika Preeta as.ked if he would tell them, or they should be. She shared with the family that Akshay returned from Dubai forever, and wants to get married now. Tomorrow morning, he came with his family. Karina was eager to arrange the best for Kritika. Rakhi said Preeta now also a part of their wedding preps. Preeta offers to arrange everything for her wedding. Karina offer jewelry, jewelry Preeta also know that sell antiques. Karina thanks Preeta to think about Kritika. Each person

wondering where the sun rises from. Karan jokes, from Manali, where he is.
Rishab Sherlin talk to on the phone and annoyed. Mahira angry and said he thought he should not go to Manali. He chose the wrong way to get close to Karan.yhere, and here she was alone. Sherlin said Rakhi always behaved to Preeta and Kritika always friends. Sherlin cleaning for Mahira that Rakhi wants to be in the good books of all people and keep away from each planning; his attitude toward Preeta just because of this.

In the room, Karan tempting Preeta by turning the lights on and off. Preeta create to-do list. He said it was about the wedding preparations. Karan said it was a normal preparation, caterers, decorators ..

.This Is Fate Thursday 28th October 2021:

Preeta vowed to make the wedding Kritika best and most memorable. Karan approached Preeta and said, I am proud of you. He then said he would tell the family about this Mahira story. Preeta prohibiting him, as everyone happy, and they do not have to ruin it. And the most important person for him to know about it already. Karan agreed. He went out of the room, like Karan will not let him do any work. Karan thinks he should do something about Mahira.

Kritika got a call from Akshay. He asked how she was. He said he did not want to say it, but there was someone he could not live without, and always dreamed of. Today, he wants to tell her he loves expensive. He is very lucky to have him in her life. He was guilty of delaying marriage, but she can not wait anymore.

He wanted to marry her as soon as possible. He apologized for misbehaving with her in the past. He was sorry for all of this and grateful to him to lend him another chance. Kritika says when he realized his mistake, then they both have to forget.

Akshay promises to fill his life with happiness right now. Kritika ask him to come early tomorrow. Akshay hopes of a new life and a happy future.

The next morning, Preeta and Rakhi was ready to receive Akshay and his family. Kritika was excited as the guests arrive. Preeta welcomed Akshay and his mother. Karan met Akshay.

Rakhi introduce them to Mahira, the daughter of his friends who came to stay here for a few days. asked Rakhi about Akshay’s father. Preeta going to serve tea.

Sherlin also turned away but Mahira stopped and said she was pregnant; he should take a break. Akshay’s mother congratulate everyone for the news. Preeta serve tea and sweets to the guests.

This Is Fate Thursday 28th October 2021:Akshay’s mother enjoyed meeting them all after a long time. Karina said she is happy that they shifted to this city and he could meet her daughter at any time. Akshay’s mother asks to marry

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