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This is Fate Tuesday 30th November 2021
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This Is Fate Tuesday 23rd November 2021:Episode began with Preeta continued to extorze Sandeep to reveal the name of the mastermind when Sandeep finally decided to tell the name. Sandeep said that Prithvi was the mastermind and he did it to ruin this Rishabh life.

Prince who left was surprised to hear this while both the other sides, Prithvi executed his evil plan.

Prithvi then walked to Mahesh and apologized to him to disturb him. He then asked Mahesh whether he could sign several important letters with their last signs without taking a look at what was written on it. As Mahesh signed the letters, Prithvi displayed an evil smile and the tip of the spoiler.

This Is Fate Tuesday 23rd November 2021:What happened in the previous episode ‘In the last episode, while Sandeep continued SMS Prithvi for money, avoiding their last. On the other hand, as Preeta and Srishti where Sandeep on the market, they recorded videos while walking to remain as evidence and prove Rishabh innocent.

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Meanwhile, Dadi and Mahesh visited prison and emotional as they saw Rishabh. On the other hand, Prithvi accused Sherlyn to be useless for him.

He also praised the Critika in front of him who made him jealous and he left told him that he would talk to him later.

Meanwhile, Pihu said Rakhi apologized to Preeta while the second filled Sandeep at the hospital where he extorted him to claim the name of the mastermind who was behind the arrest of Rishabh.



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