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This Is Fate Wednesday 24th November 2021:

This is fate is a very Romantic show on Zee Tv where Karan forgets his friendship and love with Preeta after she fails to stop Rishabh’s marriage with Sherlyn.He holds her responsible for all the troubles his family faced due to this. He marries Preeta to take revenge and later decides to marry Mahira to hurt her even more. Fate, however, has other plans for them.

Last week we saw that, the judge says that he will announce his judgement in the next hearing. When everyone goes Prithvi says to himself that only he knows that Rishabh is innocent and he hasn’t done anything. When Rakhi comes home she is crying.

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Preeta tries to console her. Rakhi says that she hates it when she says that she is trying because the lawyer whom he chose is not able to save her Rishabh. Rakhi blames Preeta for everything. Sandeep calls Prithvi and tells him that he wants his money otherwise he will get his plan failed.

Sameer, Preeta and Pihu are going to Sarla’s house. On their way Pihu ask Sameer to stop the car because she wants to eat candy floss. There Preeta sees Sandeep with Sudeepa. Sandeep also sees her and runs away from there.

Preeta gets confused. Preeta tells Sarla that today she watched Sandeep roaming around in the area where she stopped to buy candy floss for Pihu. Sarla tells her that if she thinks that she really saw him there then she should go to the hospital to check if he is there or not to clear all her doubts.


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Preeta and Srishti goes to the hospital to check if Sandeep was there or not. She sees Sandeep coming on the wheel chair with Sudeepa.

Preeta gets shocked. She tells him that she saw him today roaming around on his feet. He says that she is mad. Preeta tells him that she knows he is lying to her. Sudeepa tells him that he needs to be careful because Preeta can go to any extent for the happiness of her family. When Preeta goes home Bani gets angry on her and tells her that she doesn’t care about this family.

This Is Fate Wednesday 24th November 2021:Prithvi goes to the office of Luthra’s amd convinced the accountant to transfer 80 lakhs rupees in his account. Sandeep calls him, Prithvi ask him to meet him at warehouse and there he will give him all the money. Preeta sees Sandeep, she says this time she is sure that it is him. She goes behind him.

She followed him to the warehouse. Srishti and Sameer also comes there. Preeta listened Sandeep talking on phone about the money. She tells Srishti that the mastermind behind this plan was someone else. Preeta says she thinks that the person with whom Sandeep is talking she knows him.

This Is Fate Wednesday 24th November 2021:″Srishti says he might be Prithvi. Prithvi also reaches there. Sandeep feels that someone else is also there so messages Prithvi to leo from there. Preeta clicks his picture amd made the videos. They tried to catch Sandeep but he ram away.

Sandeep goes to the hospital and readmitted himself again. Preeta get to know from nurse that Sandeep has readmitted himself again in the hospital today. She goes to Sandeep and ask him to tell her the truth. She says that if he will not tell her the truth then she will tell the police that his legs are totally fine amd he is acting. Then Preeta shows him the recording which she recorded.

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Will Preeta get to know that Prithvi is the mastermind of this plan?

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