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Twist Of Fate Monday 2nd January 2022: The Episode begins with Pragya requesting that he get up and says I won’t release you. She requests that he get back home and says we will remain together. Nurture comes there and requests that she go from here, says he is dead. Pragya says he isn’t dead and requests that she call Doctor, else she will… take the scissor in her grasp… .Nurse says alright, I will call the specialist. The Killer comes to the City medical clinic and inquires as to whether she headed inside. The thug says OK. The Killer says we will look through her before Boss returns. Digvijay comes to the production line and gets some information about the Killer. The thug says Killer went to look through the woman whom we had kept hostage, as she got away. Digvijay slaps him and calls Killer. Executioner tells that he is behind the woman and will get her. Digvijay says she has heard my voice and may have seen my face, she should be killed.

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He yells Pragya… .Pragya requests that Abhi return to life and tells that today he will retaliate with the God for herself and will turn out to be fine. She siphons his heart… .Abhi and Pragya taking swear infront of the sanctuary is shown. She hits on his chest with her hands two times. Abhi moves his fingers… ..Pragya sees this and cries cheerfully. Mainu dil … ..plays… … Pragya says thanks to Abhi for battling with God and returning for him. She calls Doctor and Nurse… Nurse comes there and requests that she go, says he is dead. Pragya says shut up. Executioner and the hooligan hear her voice. Pragya lets Nurse know that he is alive and requests that she actually take a look at the beat. Nurture actually looks at his heartbeat and goes to call the specialist. Pragya says thanks to her and sees Killer coming there.

Twist Of Fate Monday 2nd January 2022: She thinks in the event that he sees me then it will be inconvenience, thinks to disappear from that point and covers material all over. Pragya stows away. Executioner peeps inside through the window sheet and goes. Specialist actually takes a look at Abhi and says Mr. Mehra is alive, it is a wonder, requests that medical attendant call the senior specialist. Pragya thinks in the event that I go from infront of the thugs then they will come behind me, and won’t go in the OT. She runs while the executioner and the hooligan are behind her. Pragya blacks out and tumbles down. Nurture and wardboy take her with them. Executioner and the thug see them taking Pragya. They are going to go behind her, yet leaves the clinic seeing Police there.

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Digvijay pounds Killer and harms him. Executioner plunks down. Digvijay says I am currently settled, tells that Pragya will kick the bucket like her significant other Abhishek Mehra. He says he simply need to win, regardless. He says I have won, as my half retribution with him is satisfied today and half vengeance will be done when his significant other bites the dust.

Later Pragya acquires cognizance in her home. Shahana comes there. Prachi requests that she be cautious while sitting. Sarita behen inquires as to whether she is fine? Pragya says OK, where could he be? Sarita behen says Mr. Mehra should be in his home. Pragya inquires as to why he didn’t come here? She inquires as to whether he is fine.

Sarita behen says that Mr. Mehra is fine and tells that Doctor told that it was a supernatural occurrence that he got saved. Pragya says why I am here? Sarita behen says we brought you here, as you was in trance state since 2 days. Pragya says we will go there and will be with him. Prachi says we had gone there, however Aaliya didn’t allow us to meet him. Shahana says even Mitali didn’t allow us to meet him. Sarita behen says Aaliya offended us and didn’t release us. Pragya says she needs to go there now itself. Prachi says we will likewise come there. Sarita behen attempts to stop her. Pragya locks the entryway and goes.

At Mehra Mansion, Mitali calls Rhea and requests that she eat. Rhea says would you be able to process this food? She asks Dadi, assuming that your adoration is honest or counterfeit for Dad. She asks Aaliya, how might he thoughtless for Dad. She asks did anybody of you see him or out and explains to that for what reason will you go? She says all of you make your wellbeing and could do without Dad. Aaliya asks her not to overcompensate. Rhea says I will be more worried for Dad as I am his little girl. Aaliya requests that she stop. Rhea says I would rather not converse with you folks…

Prachi inquires as to whether Maa returned? Sarita behen says no. Shahana says Maasi is separated from everyone else and that Buji is so terrible. Sarita behen says Aaliya won’t let her meet him. Pragya says I realize that Maa will meet Papa, it’s not possible for anyone to stop him. Sarita behen says we will think great. Prachi says we will figure how to invite them together. They think to make food so when Abhi comes, Pragya can invest energy with him.

Twist Of Fate Monday 2nd January 2022: Dadi feels awful. Mitali asks Aaliya, how we will conceal this from everybody. Tai ji says we need to stow away, can’t draw out this reality infront of everybody. Aaliya says bhai isn’t something very similar, his mystery will be confidential, we will change all Servants and requests that Tai ji call the young lady from town. Pragya comes there. Aaliya requests that she remain there itself.

Precap – Pragya says that Abhi won’t earn back the original investment one connection with her,so no one can prevent her from meeting him.


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