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Twist Of Fate Sunday 9th January 2022: The Episode begins with Rhea asking Prachi where could Pragya be? Prachi says she isn’t at home. Rhea says great for yourself and cautions her to avoid Ranbir, else she don’t have the foggiest idea what she can do. Shahana comes there and requests that Rhea request that Ranbir avoid Prachi. Rhea says the matter is between two sisters and inquires as to for what reason are you meddling. Shahana says sister and says we are sisters by heart, however you won’t comprehend being cutthroat. Rhea requests that she say this for Prachi and she has not stayed faithful to her obligation. Shahana contends. Prachi requests that they be peaceful and apologizes to Rhea. She tells that she had no clue about that Ranbir needed to wed her, yet the marriage haven’t occurred. Rhea says whenever had happened then, at that point? Shahana tells that Prachi knew nothing about Ranbir’s arrangement. She says on the off chance that Prachi needed then he will come rushing to her and afterward. Rhea cautions her to take a stab at doing this and afterward see what she will do.

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Sarita behen goes to God about Abhi and Pragya. Mitali comes to Aaliya and tells that Gayatri went to Abhi’s room with stick, however it is a lot of time now. Tanu tells that she has gone there, however Abhi got vicious seeing her. She says he isn’t a similar individual any longer. She says he is simply terrified of you as you beat him. Aaliya requests that Mitali proceed to actually look at Gayatri. Dadi asks Aaliya for what valid reason did she beat him? Aaliya says he didn’t recollect me, just knew my name. He don’t have a clue about any connection. Dadi compromises Aaliya that she will take Abhi with her assuming she keeps on beating him. Tanu says assuming that Dadi takes him from here. Aaliya says that won’t occur and tells that Bhai isn’t a similar individual any longer.

Twist Of Fate Sunday 9th January 2022: Abhi is frightened and inquires as to whether she won’t beat him. Pragya guarantees him. He asks Pinky guarantee. She guaranteed Kiara and guarantees Abhi reviewing their minutes. Abhi emerges from the washroom. Pragya requests that he take the stick. Abhi takes it and inquires as to whether she isn’t apprehensive. Pragya says no and asks him not to fear from it, as it has turned into his companion now. Abhi plays with the stick. Pragya gets some information about his physical issue. Abhi says he was tossing the things and got injury while playing. He tosses the things and shows her. He says then guitar fell on my foot, yet that Aaliya didn’t take me to specialist and Mitali didn’t give me food. He says she don’t give me food and now and then gives me food extremely late. Pragya says now you don’t need to be ravenous, I have come here, I will give you food. Abhi covers his head with her Pallu. Pragya says I will apply haldi to your physical issue and guarantees that he won’t feel the aggravation. Pragya applies haldi to his foot. He nibbles her hand in torment. Pragya cries and applies the lep to his harmed foot. Abhi says I didn’t beat you, why are you crying. He asks her not to tell Aaliya and says she will beat him much. He says I will secure myself in the cabinet. He races to the cabinet. Pragya comes out and cries.

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Twist Of Fate Sunday 9th January 2022: Mitali comes there and requests that she determine what occurred inside? Pragya says he is obstinate like children, however she won’t quit dealing with her and won’t take off from the house. She says she was thinking to make him wear decent garments and bring him out. Mitali says then he may sit with us to have food at the eating table, yet can get vicious whenever. Pragya says he will feel great when he wears pleasant garments. Mitali says at whatever point we make him wear great garments, he tears it. Mitali requests that she express gratitude toward her for her recommendation not to bring him there. She had some work and goes from that point. Pragya comes inside once more. Abhi takes the stick and gets quiet seeing her. Pragya asks what are you taking cover behind the cushion. Abhi grins. Pragya asks did you do painting and requests that he show. Abhi shows the work of art and says Sun..he inquires as to whether it is great. Pragya says extremely pleasant. Abhi says I like this sun and checks out it from the window. He says he needs to sit under the sun, however they beat me when I attempt to go out. Pragya asks will I take you out. Abhi says no, you will beat me. Pragya says I won’t beat you. Abhi requests that she take him. Pragya requests that he wear decent garments to go out. Abhi rejects. Pragya requests that he attempt and says assuming he was unable to get hit by the stick in those garments. Pragya says alright. Mitali attempts to peep inside the window. Abhi confronts Pragya that he needs to directly.

Precap: Abhi says he will see the face and eliminates Gayatri’s cloak. Pragya conceals her face. He moves her hand and gazes at her.


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