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Wednesday 1 December 2021

Episode 80
Karan visits a detained Preeta. In the mean time, Srishti and Sameer see Ruchika battling with Megha. Afterward, they request that Ruchika admit reality.

Thursday 2 December 2021
Episode 81
Mahira leaves later Prithvi helps her, however his vehicle stalls. Srishti and Sameer sit tight for the blackmailer at an industrial facility. Prithvi sees them later he neglects to get the blackmailer. In the interim, Mahira pays Shubham and cautions him not to extort her once more.

Friday 3 December 2021
Episode 82
Mahira tells Prithvi that Shubham has been coercing her.

Saturday 4 December 2021
Episode 83
Prithvi makes an admission before Karan. Ruchika tells Srishti, Karan, and Sameer that Megha has killed Akshay. She consents to affirm in support of Preeta. Afterward, Mahira and Prithvi have a contention.

Sunday 5 December 2021
Episode 84
Everybody assembles for the court hearing. During the court hearing, Ruchika professes to be unwell. Preeta’s legal advisor presents proof to demonstrate her honesty.

Monday 6 December 2021
Episode 85
Siddharth requests that Karan carry Ruchika to the court for the good of Preeta. The appointed authority is going to report his decision when Karan mediates and announces that he has killed Akshay. Preeta is delivered, and Karan is taken to the police headquarters.

Tuesday 7 December 2021
Episode 86
Pammi questions Rakhi for not battling for Karan. Prithvi tells Sherlyn that Megha has been extorting him. Afterward, Kritika questions Sherlyn on seeing her in Prithvi’s room.

Wednesday 8 December 2021
Episode 87
Mahira starts to presume Sherlyn. Preeta visits Karan in prison, which disturbs Prithvi. Rakhi demands her family to claim to be content so that Mahesh’s condition improves. Suresh sees Pammi’s conduct and becomes stressed.

Thursday 9 December 2021
Episode 88
Prithvi takes steps to uncover Megha. Preeta tells Srishti and Sameer that Megha is pregnant with Akshay’s youngster. Sarla shows up there and spurs Preeta.

Friday 10 December 2021
Episode 89
Preeta, Srishti and Sameer discover that Akshay’s telephone is absent. They camouflage as eunuchs and visit Megha’s child shower at Akshay’s home to get the telephone. Megha, Ruchika, and Akshay’s mom contend with Preeta and Srishti. Pammi unobtrusively compromises Prithvi.

Saturday 11 December 2021
Episode 90
Preeta gets back and treats Pammi’s hyper-extended foot. Suresh chides Pammi for reviling Preeta. Prithvi, Sherlyn and Mahira get stunned to discover that Preeta has Akshay’s telephone.

Sunday 12 December 2021
Episode 91
Prithvi is stunned to discover that it was Sherlyn’s number and starts to presume her. Rakhi causes Pammi to understand that she had misconstrued Preeta. Prithvi saves Sherlyn from getting uncovered before Kritika, Sameer, Srishti and Preeta. Afterward, Sherlyn admits killing Akshay.
Monday 13 December 2021
Episode 92
Prithvi and Sherlyn dread getting uncovered. Srishti lets Mahesh know how she got Akshay’s telephone. Rakhi requests that Srishti wed Sameer. Afterward, Mahira attempts to help Sherlyn take the telephone and Pammi watches out for the pair.

Tuesday 14 December 2021
Episode 93
Preeta presumes Sherlyn subsequent to examining a path of impressions with Sameer and Srishti. Sherlyn intentionally leaves her impressions outside Mahira’s room, making Preeta presume Mahira. Kritika uncovers to Preeta that she actually has Akshay’s telephone. Preeta rests on the floor for Karan.

Wednesday 15 December 2021
Episode 94
Sherlyn incites Pammi, who chastens Preeta for losing Akshay’s telephone. Preeta figures out how to cover Sameer’s mix-up. She hangs tight for Akshay’s telephone to get fixed to demonstrate that Mahira is the executioner. Preeta illuminates Karan, however he doesn’t really accept that that Mahira is the guilty party.

Thursday 16 December 2021
Episode 95
Mahira challenges Pammi. Sherlyn botches Rishabh’s anxiety for affection. Sameer encourages Preeta to settle on an unknown decision to Sherlyn and take steps to uncover her.

Friday 17 December 2021
Episode 96
Prithvi visits Karan in the prison and video calls Rishabh to ridicule them both. Pammi tells Rakhi that Srishti has succumbed to Sameer, who loves Mahira. Ruchika consents to help Megha in return for an offer in the cash anticipated from Sherlyn. Sherlyn plans to show Megha something new.

Saturday 18 December 2021
Episode 97
Srishti and Sameer turn Mahira against Sherlyn and she before long defies Sherlyn. Preeta examines Sherlyn about Akshay’s homicide. Preeta, Srishti, and Sameer discover that somebody knows confidential behind Sherlyn’s pregnancy. Prithvi chokes Megha however Ruchika assaults him.

Sunday 19 December 2021
Episode 98
Sarla prevents Preeta from meeting Megha and chooses to visit Karan. Sherlyn gets ready to visit Dr Deepali, who has intended to meet Kritika. Sarla neglects to meet Karan in prison.

Monday 20 December 2021
Episode 99
Kritika visits her companion Dr Deepali, who is anticipating Sherlyn also. Srishti and Sameer bring an oblivious Karan home. They later make a disclosure that shocks Rakhi and Preeta.

Tuesday 21 December 2021
Episode 100
Srishti proposes Mahesh to deceive the police. Karan’s family deceives the police about him and requests that they track down him Rishabh finds out with regards to it and requests that he return to prison. Kritika separates on paying attention to Prithvi at Dr. Deepali’s home.

Wednesday 22 December 2021
Episode 101
Kritika sees Prithvi at Dr Deepali’s home and inquires as to whether he is Sherlyn’s significant other. Preeta clarifies why she thinks Sherlyn is Akshay’s executioner. Karan takes steps to get Sherlyn captured. Prithvi claims to be angry with Kritika and later illuminates the police that Karan is at the Luthra House.

Thursday 23 December 2021
Episode 102
To have Karan captured, Prithvi calls the police. Karan gives up to the police and concocts a story to save Srishti and Sameer. Preeta undermines Prithvi, which alarms Sherlyn.

Friday 24 December 2021
Episode 103
Sherlyn chooses to take Rakhi’s adornments when Prithvi will not get himself captured for her. Megha gets frightened on learning Sherlyn’s arrangement against her. Incidentally, Preeta and Srishti show up there for some proof against Sherlyn.
Saturday 25 December 2021
Episode 104
Preeta makes a disclosure to Rakhi that shocks Sherlyn and Prithvi. At the court hearing, Sherlyn hints Megha about her mysterious. Sameer explains to Preeta why an inn staff wouldn’t affirm in support of Karan. Preeta, in the observer box, blames Sherlyn for Akshay’s homicide.

Sunday 26 December 2021
Episode 105
Afterward, Preeta advances a solicitation in the court. Sherlyn begs Mahira and Prithvi for help. Kritika catches Sherlyn and poses Prithvi an inquiry. Sherlyn later presents proof to demonstrate her honesty and blames Megha for Akshay’s homicide.
Monday 27 December 2021
Episode 106
Kareena reproves Preeta for her allegations and gestures of recognition Sherlyn for saving Karan. Sherlyn will not pardon Mahira and Prithvi for not aiding her. Afterward, Kareena chooses to get Prithvi and Kritika wedded in three days. Rakhi plans to put together Sherlyn’s child shower before that.

Tuesday 28 December 2021
Episode 107
Dr Roshni educates Preeta regarding Prithvi and Sherlyn’s past. She gives Preeta proof to demonstrate that Sherlyn is pregnant with Prithvi’s kid. At home, Rakhi gets ready for Sherlyn’s child shower.
Wednesday 29 December 2021
Episode 108
Preeta questions Prithvi’s expectations. Preeta tells Prithvi that Dr Roshni has uncovered his mysterious and she will tell everybody soon. A terrified Prithvi hurries to alert Sherlyn.

Thursday 30 December 2021
Episode 109
Rishabh gets back and a terrified Sherlyn reviews Preeta’s admonition. Prithvi and Sherlyn’s live video shocks everybody and incenses Rishabh.

Friday 31 December 2021
Episode 110
Rishabh questions Prithvi about his dubious activities. In the interim, Prithvi tells Preeta that Sherlyn was faking a fit of anxiety. The following day, Sherlyn chooses to dispose of Preeta.
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