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Twist Of Fate Thursday 6th January 2022:The Episode begins with Aaliya telling the NGO women that this lady Pragya isn’t Abhi’s better half. Pragya says we are hitched and have two girls, everybody knows. Aaliya says now I will tell my reality with verifications and requests that Mitali bring something. She says I realize you will make bazaar, so I was ready to ring Master. She shows the legal documents brought by Mitali to the NGO laborers. She requests that they actually take a look at their signs. NGO laborers take a gander at the legal documents and says it has indication of Pragya. Aaliya says then what sort of connection is this, tells that bhai realizes that she brings badluck to him and that is the reason he would rather not meet her. Pragya says I didn’t sign with my assent. Aaliya says you have endorsed with your assent. Pragya says you can’t prevent me from meeting you. Aaliya asks her

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to prepare for something fascinating and calls Police. She then, at that point, compromises the NGO laborers and requests that they leave, to get captured. The NGO laborers let each know other that Pragya isn’t right. Pragya says we got hitched only three days back. They all have shown our marriage on the versatile. Aaliya asks Tai ji and Mitali, on the off chance that they saw her marriage occurring. They decline. Aaliya asks what is the verification? Pragya cries and says I simply need to meet him once, let me meet him. Aaliya says assuming that you go now then you will return home, else you will go to the PS, where there is no expectation. The NGO laborers leave from that point, subsequent to saying ‘sorry’ to Aaliya. Pragya attempts to stop them, yet all at once to no end. Aaliya requests that she go. Pragya says I didn’t come to return. Aaliya says Bhai would rather not meet or see you.

Twist Of Fate Thursday 6th January 2022:Prachi explains to Shahana that she is thinking why everybody is inconsiderate to Maa, barring Baljeet Dadi. She says why Papa isn’t conversing with her. Shahana says might be he has some vulnerability. She says we ought to have gone with her. Prachi prods her and tells that Pragya is her mom and needn’t bother with anybody, as she is solid. Tai ji asks Pragya for what reason she is getting difficult and requests that she comprehend. Pragya says clear will get in issue, assuming that Police comes here. She says Police will see what they are stowing away in this house. Mitali says we are not hoodlum to take anything. Pragya inquires as to why you are not checking out me then, at that point? She offers something wrong is going on in this house, and says this can’t be imaginable, that I call him and he don’t hear me. She asks Dadi not to pay attention to them and come clean with her. Aaliya says Bhai would rather not pay attention to you and requests that she go. Pragya says let Police come. Aaliya says I have called the Police. Police comes there. Aaliya says this is Pragya Arora. Pragya says I am Pragya Mehra subsequent to wedding Abhishek Mehra. Aaliya inquires as to why you need to get yourself offended. Pragya says you have accomplished a major issue with my significant other. The woman Inspector requests that Pragya leave from that point and says your better half would rather not converse with you. Pragya says I need to hear this from my better half. She says I simply need to see him once. Aaliya says he isn’t your better half. Pragya says alright, however he is the proprietor of the house. She offers something wrong is occurring with him, requests that Inspector take a quick trip and see him. Controller requests that woman constable proceed to actually take a look at him. Pragya shows Abhi’s pic. Aaliya requests that Mitali make the constable see him. Mitali says Doctor said that he is unwell and necessities to rest.

Aaliya requests that Mitali take her. Pragya figures now she will know what they are stowing away. Mitali inquires as to whether she is terrified of apparition. Constable says no. Mitali opens the entryway. Woman constable observes somebody assaulting her with the ball. She yells and runs out. Mitali gets stunned and shuts the entryway quick. Pragya asks did you see him? Constable says I have seen him and he is fine. Pragya says why did you yell? Aaliya requests that she go. Examiner requests that Pragya go else she will capture her. Pragya says I will proceed to won’t inconvenience them. Woman Inspector requests that Pragya go. She requests that Aaliya call her if necessary. Pragya requests that Dadi determine what they are stowing away. Aaliya cautions Dadi. Dadi asks Pragya for everybody’s advancement. Pragya leaves the house. Tai ji says assuming Meera would have been here, then, at that point, it would have been great. Aaliya says it would be awful, tells that exceptionally less individuals will remain here to conceal Bhai’s reality. Pragya thinks what Aaliya was telling Dadi. She figures Dadi couldn’t ever have requested that I leave me and thinks the matter is intense than I suspected. She thinks about their minutes and thinks to go inside through kitchen hall. She goes to kitchen hall and hears Mitali conversing with the Servant and telling that he try to avoid food, so I need to make food now. She says she shouldn’t have come here and goes. Pragya breaks the window sheet and gets inside. She hears Aaliya conversing with her Manager and asking him/her to be with Purab, as he is in shock. Pragya thinks why Purab is in shock. She draws close to Abhi’s room. Tai ji comes there. Pragya figures out how to stow away from her. Tai ji says she is terrified much because of that room and goes..

Pragya thumps on the entryway and requests that Abhi open the entryway. She observes the entryway locked and attempts to open the entryway. Aaliya observes the window glass pieces on the ground. Mitali comes there and says food is prepared. They surge towards Abhi’s room. Aaliya tells Tai ji that Pragya is here. Pragya is going to open the entryway, yet Aaliya calls Police and brings Pragya down. Woman Inspector comes there and advises Lady constable to capture her. Pragya says you will capture Aaliya, for securing my better half in the room. She asks did Aaliya give her cash? Woman Inspector yells at her. Aaliya tells that she can show the specialist’s report where he told that Bhai will rest. Pragya races to Abhi’s room and thumps on the entryway. Woman Inspector and constable takes her out, while Pragya is as yet arguing infront of them. Aaliya looks on. Pragya requests that Lady Inspector let her see her significant other once more. Woman Inspector says your better half is fine, my constable have seen him, he is fine. Pragya says she needs to see him once. Woman Constable tells that she can sit idle.

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Sarita behen figures how might anybody loves somebody to such an extent. She appeals to God, requesting that he make her meet Mr. Mehra once. She figures how to help her and thinks to call Baljeet ji. She figures the reason why she didn’t help Pragya yet, thinks to converse with her and asks her. She calls Dadi, yet the last option dismisses her call. Sarita behen thinks that she is number hindered and thinks there is something significant, my girl is battling alone.

Woman constable lets Pragya know that the food is prepared. Pragya tells that she would rather not have food and tells that she needs to meet her better half. The woman constable requests that she tell everything. Pragya tells her beginning and end. Woman Constable tells her that Aaliya don’t need her to meet him. She says she helps her to remember her little girl who is dead now and requests that she guarantee that she won’t go once more. Pragya guarantees her. Woman Constable discussions to the woman Inspector. Woman Inspector allows Pragya to leave later the last option guarantee her that she won’t go once more. Digvijay converses with somebody and tells that Abhishek Mehra’s organization is done, as he is dead. The person says he isn’t dead and brought back from death, yet something awful has occurred with him. Digvijay gets stunned and calls Killer. He inquires as to whether Abhishek is alive, and assuming that he is alive then kill him. Executioner says somebody probably kidded. Digvijay requests that he discover and kill him. Aaliya thinks about Pragya’s words. Mitali comes there and requests that she have food. Aaliya rejects. Mitali says Rhea would have rather not have food. Aaliya says Rhea is enduring a result of Prachi and presently because of Pragya. Mitali says until when Pragya will be in lock up as she didn’t do any wrongdoing. Woman Constable comes to Sarita behen and drops Pragya. She tells her beginning and end and tells that she has guaranteed that she won’t go to Mehra house once more. Sarita behen offers her tea. Woman constable rejects and goes. Aaliya tells that all the obligation came on her. Mitali says I can help you. Aaliya says you can simply assist with making tea and so forth Raj Bhaiya don’t return home and Purab… is in his own reality. She says all the obligation came on me. Mitali goes. Aaliya figures Pragya didn’t do any wrongdoing, yet entering here isn’t under a wrongdoing. She asks how could she? She wants to emerge from lock up as it isn’t non bailable offense.

Executioner comes to Digvijay and says I am prepared to accomplish my work. Digvijay takes his weapon and tells that how might anybody endure when somebody is shot on his brow. Executioner says why Manager will pass on? Digvijay says on the off chance that he isn’t dead, then, at that point, he needs to bite the dust this evening. Executioner says why you need to kill him. Digvijay says he has demolished numerous in business. He says I won’t tell until my work is done and says Abhishek Mehra needs to bite the dust this evening.

Sarita behen calls Pragya. Pragya says I am going to Mehra Mansion and tells that she didn’t see him, however felt his essence there. She says he should be furious with me. Sarita behen says you will not go at this point. Pragya expresses what to do? Sarita behen says everytime there will be no woman examiner who leaves you with a notice. Pragya says I need to meet him. Sarita behen requests that she comprehend and helps to remember her guarantee. Pragya says I lied there. She tells that she will go there and meet him in any case.

Twist Of Fate Thursday 6th January 2022:Aaliya thinks Mitali gives her strain and furthermore issue. She calls Lady Inspector and asks until when Pragya will be in prison. Woman Inspector says we have left her. Worker brings tea for Aaliya.

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