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On the Twist Fate Tuesday September 28 2021, the episode began with Sushma and Pragya came to the office. Sushma introduced Pragya as her daughter with another family name. Business partners say I hear so much about you.

Pragya said I was sure you had heard correctly and said that the real confidence came when someone was homemade. They praise him. Pragya said we were here to discuss the traits we had obtained. Property images are displayed on the projector screen. Partners ask someone to move this bungalow image and say that this is our bungalow and is under renovation.

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Pragya asks how do you get it? Partners told us that it was being sold and we bought it. Pragya said he wanted this bungalow and remember being married at home and was kicked by Pragya. Pragya offers three properties in return for this bungalow. Sushma asked Pragya what did he do? Partners think he might give his studio too and ask him to give three properties and studios too.

This post Twist Fate Tuesday, September 28, 2021 Pragya says you say correctly that it is not worthy and says that he will only buy if you provide property at a market price.

Mr. Putra Thappar agreed and gave the property paper to him. He said I had bought this half-level house and told me that you have done a bad business. Pragya said that he would give him the whole business and said that he had lost it. Mr. Thappar asks me? Sushma said it was a lesson for your son.

Siddharth came to Prachi’s house. He told Ranbir and Prachi that he was jealous of seeing their love.

Prachi gets ready to hold a meeting. He got a call that Pallavi got a heart attack and asked Ranbir if he came. Sushma appreciates Pragya for her business. Pragya said that he got Pravesh’s Grah in the house and then he was expelled. Thapar’s son was impressed with him. Thapar said that they did not want to sell the house, but he assured us.

He said that he would get a folder from his wallet and plan to acquire his factory. Pragya came there and asked when he could get a bungalow key. Mr. Putra Thappar said it was after renovation. Pragya said OK. Mr. Putra Thappar said that they would find out about his relationship with the bungalow.

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Abhi, Sumit, Prashant, and other friends are sitting to play the Carrom board. Sumit’s wife came there and told him that he would go with his mother. They told Abhi that his wife left there. Abhi said he was up to something. Sumit says you don’t talk to him, but know him. Abhi said the police also knew the thief. He drinks.

Pragya and Sushma came home. Pragya told the manager and told them that the car would be ready. He asked him to see things. Sushma found a photo of Priyanka and said she forgot this in Australia. Pragya said how I could forget it and said that he asked Mark to give it to Brandon and he took him here. Sushma became emotional and said I would see them. He said right when the car came, we would go to the boutique.

Sumit repaired the Pragya car. Abhi came there and asked him to play the final match. Sumit said that he had to work because he reminded him of repairing a car outside the hotel. He said they called him to repair their car and the boss was impressed with his service and doubled his salary.

He said you won’t get Rani. Abhi took the phone and said I love you, Rani. Did Sumit ask what you are doing? Pragya is seen. Abhi tells Sumit that he doesn’t take the phone. Pragya asked Sumit not to waste time and bring the car to the house immediately safely.

Sumit told Abhi that he scolded him and asked him to appreciate the time. Abhi said I would talk to him, call him. Sumit said it was too scolded by him, there was love to scold him. Abhi remembered scolding Pragya and said he was like him. Sumit fixes it.

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