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Twist Of Fate Tuesday 3rd January 2022 Zee World:The Episode begins with Aaliya preventing Pragya from entering inside. Pragya says today no one can prevent me from meeting my better half. Mitali requests that Pragya consent to Aaliya’s adages. Pragya expresses what to acknowledge, tells that regardless of whether she breaks her connection with him, however Abhishek Mehra won’t break our connection. She says our adoration unites us. Tai ji requests that she go, as they are going through an unpleasant stage and not to inconvenience her. Pragya asks what befallen you. Mitali says we are in an issue since 20 years and requests that she leave. Pragya inquires as to whether he is fine. Tai ji requests that she go. Pragya requests that they say. Dadi requests that they tell truth to Pragya and not to conceal anything from her. Aaliya stops Dadi and inquires as to whether she needs her assistance or not. She requests that Pragya go. Pragya calls Abhi and requests that he come and meet her. Aaliya pushes her down. Pragya says sorry and requests that she let her meet him once. Aaliya says I am not giving her over to Police, as you are arguing infront of me. Pragya requests that she let her see him once. Aaliya pushes her out. Pragya requests that Aaliya open the entryway. Dadi requests that Aaliya open the entryway. Aaliya opens the entryway and tells that Bhai didn’t come hearing you as he has understood that you are misfortune for him. Pragya says no, he didn’t hear me. Aaliya says he heard your voice, however has perceived that you are not really great for him. She says Pandit ji said that you both can’t remain together and asks her not to isolate Bhai from her. Pragya asks what you are stowing away, if it’s not too much trouble, tell me. Aaliya says it isn’t essential to tell you. She shuts the entryway. Dadi cries and says you individuals are stone hearted.

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Vikram requests that Ranbir how make him comprehend. Ranbir says I didn’t comprehend your rationale. He says for what reason wouldn’t i be able to meet boss? Pallavi requests that he comprehend. Ranbir says for what reason wouldn’t i be able to meet Chief, this is a tyranny. Vikram lifts his hand on Ranbir and stops, says you can’t meet Abhi. Ranbir inquires as to why I can’t meet him. Vikram says as your dad said. Ranbir inquires as to why no one is letting me know anything. He says Rhea isn’t in her faculties for half of the time and is inaccessible. Aaliya buji don’t allow me to meet her. He says you individuals are concealing something from me and goes. Pallavi requests that Vikram make him meet Abhi. Vikram says when Ranbir goes to meet Abhi, then, at that point, he will see another person and afterward will address, what we will say.

Twist Of Fate Tuesday 3rd January 2022 Zee World:Prachi and Shahana make food. Sarita behen says Pragya will be invited amazingly. Prachi says my mom is a superwoman and exceptionally solid. Sarita behen says OK, genuinely. Pragya gets back tragically… .Sarita behen asks did you meet Mr. Mehra? Pragya strolls inside the room crying and locks the entryway. Shahana says it appears they didn’t allow Maasi to meet Mr. Mehra and that is the reason she is pitiful. Sarita behen says Pragya is by all accounts broken… Pragya goes to the restroom and cries, thinking about every one of the happenings and Aaliya’s words.

Pragya emerges from the room and asks Prachi and Shahana, you are still here. Prachi embraces her. Pragya says all is well. Shahana additionally embraces her. Sarita behen inquires as to whether you are fine. Pragya says OK, I am fine. Sarita behen says we realize that Mr. Mehra is fine, yet Aaliya isn’t allowing you to meet him. She says why he would rather not meet you. Pragya says there can’t be any explanation that he would rather not meet me. Sarita behen says I can comprehend Aaliya, however why Mr. Mehra is quiet. She says Prachi called him commonly, yet he didn’t pick the calls. She says once Aaliya picked the call and asked her not to meet him once more. Pragya says I know how to meet him, I sat tight for him 20 years and won’t stand by anybody to get him. Rhea gets back home alcoholic and tumbles down on the couch. Rhea says OK, I am smashed. She says you care for me, however not God.

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Twist Of Fate Tuesday 3rd January 2022 Zee World:Aaliya says I am powerless and can’t bring your father. Rhea requests the beverage. Aaliya requests that Mitali take Rhea to her room. Mitali and Bahadur take her to room. Tai ji tells that Dadi is crying since Pragya left. Aaliya says Bhai isn’t here, don’t you comprehend. Doorbell rings. Tai ji opens the entryway and observes Pragya standing. Aaliya requests that Tai ji close the entryway. Tai ji is going to close the entryway, however Pragya stops her and enters inside. She says no one can prevent me from meeting my better half. Aaliya says on the off chance that a creature is kicked then it don’t return, however you… Pragya says there is a distinction among creature and human and says I am neither dumbfounded or powerless. A few ladies come from NGO and get some information about Abhi. Pragya says she has called them as she really wants their assistance. The NGO lady requests that Aaliya let Pragya meet her better half. The other lady inquires as to whether she is hitched and asks how she will feel, when somebody prevents her from meeting her better half. Aaliya says however Pragya isn’t hitched to my sibling. Pragya says I am hitched to him and have two little girls with him. Aaliya says your marriage was broken and tells that she has evidence that Pragya isn’t his sibling’s better half. Pragya is stunned.

Precap: Pragya tells woman constables that she thinks her better half isn’t in the house. Assuming he is, then, at that point, something wrong is occurring with him. She demands woman constables to check. Aaliya advises Mitali to take a woman constable to Abhi. When, the woman constable goes into Abhi’s room, she shouts.


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