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Twist Of Fate update Tuesday 14th April 2022 Zee World:The Episode begins with Prachi cries and cleaning her tears. She sees Ranbir remaining on the entryway. She takes her stuff and is going to go. Ranbir requests that she close the entryway while leaving. Siddharth asks the lodging staff to show the face. The maneger requests that she show the face. All at once power went off. Sid sees Aaliya on the PC screen, yet couldn’t see her face. He figures she could run in the event that I turn. The chief says I saw her. Aaliya runs from that point and stows away. Sid comes out and lets the chief know that the inn staff is helping her, and says when that woman headed inside, the entryway was open and when we headed inside, it was shut, and afterward smoke, asks how can it be the case. The chief says we have smoke alarms and we will be aware.

Sid says somebody could have turned off the finders. Aaliya goes from that point. Administrator meets Aaliya and says I haven’t shown your face to him. Aaliya requests that he erase the recording. Administrator says our scores are settled at this point. Aaliya figures now Rhea will get Ranbir and Prachi will be out. Prachi requests that Ranbir take a gander at her once, and says you haven’t questioned on my personality, yet on my affection.

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She gets out whatever I can reply and says love is consecrated and unadulterated, tells that she can’t survive without him, all the connection is with him, and you know it. She says you have let me be halfway and didn’t figure where will I go? She says I need to ask you, in the event that your affection was truth. He says you knows well. Prachi says I believed assuming that was a fantasy, or on the other hand assuming this is dream. Ranbir says I got disloyalty from you and you have demolished everything. He says you are not Prachi, whom I adored. Prachi says we both are same, and asks how did I respond, that you thought my adoration as excellent treachery.

Twist Of Fate update Tuesday 14th April 2022 Zee World: Ranbir thinks about their minutes. Prachi says it is the trial within recent memory, and embraces him. She says I was with you in your testing times and asks would you be able to remain by me. She says I have no regard without you, and asks how individuals will take a gander at me, and requests that I stop me and call me chikchiki and says I will remain back. She requests that he stop him once. He embraces her. It is Ranbir’s creative mind and it breaks hearing the entryway shutting. He emerges from the room and sees her going.

Sid returns home and sees his Shraadh occurring with laurel on his photograph. He asks what’s going on with you? Vikram requests that Sid leave. Rhea grins. Pallavi picks the pot and pours water on her head. Rhea evilly grins. Pallavi then, at that point, breaks the pot. Sid asks what’s going on with you. Pallavi says your shradhanjali is going on, and we are disposing of you. Sid says I didn’t play with this house regard. Vikram reprimands him and says you didn’t keep our regard and says the young lady whom you wedded, have sold out her. Sid says no, I didn’t double-cross her.

Vikram hits Sid for having ill-conceived connection with Prachi. Pallavi says Prachi was the foe of the house and you have turned into something similar, I can’t bear you in any event, briefly. Sid says how might I sell out this house, which gave me to such an extent. Pallavi says you are dead, I have done your tilanjali and won’t done shradh consistently. Sid requests that she hear. Vikram asks him not to drive him. Sid says how might I do this, you called me Lakshman. Pallavi says when you came here, I thought my Ranbir came, however when Ranbir came, you was not a similar Sid. She calls him wolf and says you are dead for me, you have destroyed my Ranbir’s home, and presently has a bad situation for you. Dida comes there. Vikram requests that she give Sid’s garments to poor. Sid attempts to explain. Pallavi requests that he regard their old connection and leave. Sid begins leaving. Pallavi says no one will take Sid’s name in this house.

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Ranbir checks Prachi out. Bheege mann plays.. Rhea is remaining far. Ranbir heads inside and shuts the entryway. He sits on the entryway and cries. Prachi cries. She begins strolling. Prachi calls Rhea. Rhea says don’t express a word, leave from here. She says we have no connection left now and says you have grabbed my better half from me, my home. She says I won’t come to see your face regardless of whether you are dead. She acts to cry and requests that she leave. Prachi is leaving and thinks about her marriage with Ranbir. Miserable tune plays… ..Rhea comes to the room and sees Ranbir crying gravely. She again acts.

Twist Of Fate update Tuesday 14th April 2022 Zee World: Prachi is leaving and sees everybody standing. Rhea sits with him and says I can comprehend your aggravation, we both are going through a similar torment. She says you didn’t see and says Sid left and presently Prachi is leaving. Ranbir gets up to attempt to stop Prachi. Rhea says they will go the distance and remain together, with next to no limitations. She says they needed to do this, to destroy our home and set their own home. Ranbir becomes furious. Rhea grins.

Precap: Pallavi advises Rhea and Ranbir to join together and walk together throughout everyday life. She says I am getting both of you wedded. Rhea is cheerful, while Ranbir is stunned.


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