Twist Of Fate update Wednesday 23rd March 2022 Zee World

Twist Of Fate update Tuesday 22nd March 2022 Zee World
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Twist Of Fate update Wednesday 23rd March 2022 Zee World: Last week we saw that Tanu advises Everyone that now they are moving to Pragya’s home to remain with Abhi. Sushma isn’t content with her choice. She tells Pragya that Alia and Tanu are coming here to grab all her bliss. Rhea cries before Siddharth and says that she upset from him. She says that he gives her psychological torment. Rhea requests that he give her some space and request that he rest outside. Afterward, Rhea becomes acquainted with that Prachi is staying in bed Dida’s room. She goes in Ranbir’s room and lets him know that nothing is fine among her and Siddharth.

She request that he swear on Prachi and ask him to say nothing to Siddharth. Abhi’s family shows up at Pragya’s home. Dadi tells Abhi that Pragya has requested that everybody live with her. Dadi expresses gratitude toward Sushma for dealing with Pragya so well. She says that she have no connection with Pragya still she upholds her to such an extent. Sushma says that she has quite recently given her the motivation to live once more.

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Rhea is feeling cheerful while contemplating Ranbir. Dida sees her and thinks that she adores Siddharth to such an extent. Vikram prepares well and he will join the workplace. She lets Dida know that there is such a lot of weight on Siddharth so he imagined that he should join the workplace. There vikram and Dida sees Siddharth dozing. They ask him for what reason he is dozing here? Rhea is giving significance to everybody with the exception of Siddharth. She additionally gives significance to Ranbir and offers him food. Dida sees this. Rhea believes that why Dida is seeing her like that? She feels that Dida is questioning her. So she goes to Siddharth and serves him breakfast. Dida feels that she is correct something is occurred among Siddharth and Rhea.

Twist Of Fate update Wednesday 23rd March 2022 Zee World: Siddharth was pondering Rhea in the workplace. He speculates her way of behaving with him and figures that she could loves another person. At the point when Ranbir comes to his lodge, he get some information about Rhea. He ask him does he imagine that Rhea loves another person since he is feeling a little skeptical on her. Ranbir ask him to don’t question her. He request that he give an opportunity to his relationship and advises him to attempt to know Rhea. He request that he not stress. Ranbir request that Prachi draw nearer to him. Rhea is watching them and kicks a jar which tumbles down. Then she says that accidentally it tumble down.

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Pragya lets him know that she don’t need him to drink. He request that she convince him. She says that she really focuses on him. Abhi ask her would she say she is intoxicated? He tells her that she could do without him not so much as a little. He tells her that when he got this news that she is kicked the bucket, he didn’t trust anybody. He pays attention to his heart and made a decent attempt to view as her. He says that when he saw her following 2 years that time additionally he attempted to draw nearer to her yet she acted as she don’t have any acquaintance with him. He request that she move away from his vision any other way he will offer something exceptionally awful to her.

Twist Of Fate update Wednesday 23rd March 2022 Zee World: Abhi advises Pragya to don’t act like she really focuses on him. Pragya says that she really care for him. Abhi says that she is childish and she remained with him just for herself. He says that over the most recent two years she is appreciating in Australia and presently she out of nowhere says that she really focuses on him. Pragya says that she isn’t getting a charge out of there and day she will let him know everything. Rhea awakens and sees a note of Siddharth, in which he composed that they should avoid one another for quite a while. He additionally composed that he is going to Bangalore for certain days. Rhea says that now she will invest energy with Ranbir.


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