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Twist Of Fate Wednesday 12th January 2022: The Episode begins with Rhea and Prachi coming to Pragya and Abhi. Rhea says I heard you talking that you need to get Tanu and Dad wedded, so she reclaim the case. Prachi says yet it isn’t required. Rhea says even I have a thought and you don’t have to get Dad hitched. They contend that their thought is ideal. Abhi requests that Prachi say. Prachi says Tanu aunt gave us a plan to get her crushed, and no one considered it. Rhea says I considered it. She says she gave engagement proposition. Prachi requests that he acknowledge the proposition. Rhea says then she will believe that you are her eventual spouse and reclaim the case. Prachi says she will reclaim the case. Abhi asks what? What’s more inquires as to whether he will get lifetime discipline rather than 10 years detainment. Pragya says OK.

Rhea asks Pragya not to lose trust and tells that Dad told that you are solid and daring. Prachi says we are with you, we need to trick her and requests that they keep the marriage date after court hearing date. Rhea says we will get verifications against her and drop the marriage. Pragya says she didn’t get any smart thought as they got it. She embraces Rhea and Prachi. Abhi asks them not to do pre festivals and tells that he hasn’t concurred for marriage yet. He says regardless of whether I concur, then, at that point, likewise Tanu won’t concur as I tossed her out of the house and furthermore that I dismissed her proposition on stand by. Prachi says she has a thought and tells something. Pragya says the sky is the limit, on the off chance that Aaliya can retouch her courses in this house. Abhi embraces Pragya.

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Mitali comes to Aaliya and thinks that she is passionate and crying. She asks what was the deal? Aaliya says she was seeing her pics and saw even Tanu and her school pics. She says she is blowing up on Tanu and herself for bringing the previous home. Mitali says you needed them to join together. Aaliya says I figured Tanu will keep him glad, however how did she respond? She says I need to see Bhai glad and I blow up seeing her, and needs to kill her, however don’t have any desire to build Pragya’s work. She says I never upheld Pragya, yet presently I regard her as she is remaining with Bhai. Mitali is astonished and expresses what are you talking about? Aaliya says she mean it, tells that she don’t have the foggiest idea how Pragya will deal with save Bhai and tells that they have only 24 hours.

Twist Of Fate Wednesday 12th January 2022: Abhi comes to Pragya. Pragya says she was making espresso for him. Rhea comes and inquires as to whether Tanu consented to wed Dad. Abhi tells that he is vexed and asks where could Dadi be? Pragya says she has gone to Tanu’s home. Dadi comes to Tanu’s home and inquires as to whether she is fine. She talks sweet with her. Tanu inquires as to whether you are fine and recollect how I have managed your terrific child. Dadi tells that she has carried coalition for Abhi’s marriage with her. Abhi says so Dadi went to my future spouse’s home. He is disturbed. Pragya requests that Rhea request that he concur. Rhea requests that Abhi concur. Abhi requests that Prachi say. Prachi says this isn’t genuine marriage, it is show. Rhea and Prachi contend. Rhea says she generally cuts me, don’t allow me to say anything. Abhi says come on slice to Prachi. Pragya and Abhi grins. Abhi says their kin contention is coming out, as they are together.

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He says he is enjoying their contention/nok jhok. Pragya says your father needs to wed. Abhi requests that she say that he needs to act to wed. He inquires as to for what reason would she say she is acting odd? Pragya tells that she has persuaded Dadi to go there and would have slap from her. A fb is shown, Dadi will not take Abhi’s partnership to Tanu and tells that she detests her. Pragya says whatever Tanu plans, we will bomb her arrangement. Dadi says I will give her bind and asks her not to send her. She says I will kill her. Pragya says on the off chance that I go there, then, at that point, she will be dubious. She requests that Dadi persuade Tanu that she is prepared for their marriage. She says assuming Tanu concurs for marriage, then, at that point, we will get some an ideal opportunity to drop the wedding and get confirmations. Dadi concurs and takes the bangles to make Tanu wear it, as a cuff. Fb closes.

Rhea tells that assuming Dadi does anything wrong then, at that point? She says assuming we had some significant awareness of Tanu’s arrangement then we would have prevented you from dismissing Tanu’s proposition. Prachi requests that he think it as a chance. Abhi says they are karishma and think same. Rhea says no and says she is thinking in the event that Baljeet Dadi’s acting flops then what will occur.

Dadi gets inside tanu’s home and says she brought shagun bangles for her. She inquires as to whether she needs to be Abhi’s significant other. Tanu says I am not persuaded, you love Pragya and detests me. She says I realize that this is your arrangement to trap me and tells that no one can make me inept. She tells that when I was in the house, you was against me and didn’t say when I was tossed out. She asks Dadi for what reason Abhi will consent to wed her, who despises her and addressed her such a huge amount about his marriage with Pragya. She says I realize that this is all phony and requests that she escape her home. Dadi requests that she tune in. Tanu requests that she get out. Dadi tells that I disdain you and tells that Pragya requested that she come here, it was their arrangement to trap her. She expresses what do you imagine that I will make you wear bangles, no I will make you wear binds.

Twist Of Fate Wednesday 12th January 2022: Abhi fears that Dadi may come clean to Tanu, whenever incited. Rhea says Dadi will call on the off chance that her arrangement succeeds. Abhi says Dadi doesn’t have a clue how to lie. Pragya says Dadi knows how to deal with assuming she says reality. Mitali thinks what they are talking? Pragya says we will go there. She says I will call her. Rhea asks her not to call her, and says in the event that you call Dadi then Tanu will become furious. Mitali hears them from far, and thinks there is something to stress. She goes to tell Aaliya. Pragya is stressed. Abhi requests that she be their solidarity and says we as a whole are with you. Rhea requests that Pragya stand by, assuming she confides in Dadi.

Precap: Tanu thinks there is not a remotely good excuse to question her (Dadi). She thinks on the off chance that the explanation was not shown, or she would rather not show. She thinks it is occurring great, that it is unrealistic. Dadi calls Media and Tanu. She says on the off chance that Abhi has fouled up then he has done a lot of wrong. Rhea, Prachi and Pragya looks on.


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