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Twist of Fate Wednesday 13th October 2021 Zee World Abhi exclaimed he loved the change in his attitude but he was not as anger who was depicted before when he was angry it was fun, that’s why he named Paughi, Pragya replied that he was no longer Pragya and had changed, Abhi called Dadi first said that trees tended to change With the season but they really remain the same, Pragya replies that people thinking can change, remember Abhi that Tanu said he had just received revenge from him just one goal destroying it.

Pragya replies that people tend to change because when he won’t live without before he didn’t feel someone else then angry when he was around him, Abhi answered that he felt he should think he was a nightmare, Pragya answered he had seen a devastating life Instead, he began to remember the last moments, he changed Abhi asking why he pressed the emotions trying to come out.

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Twist of Fate Wednesday 13th October 2021 Zee World Pragya replied that he had to leave the house as he had seen it, Abhi answered when the bank grabbed this house to form it, he had no problem left because he wasn’t now no, but now seeing it, it was very difficult for him to leave, he asked him to stop the auction, he asked him to stop the auction, Pragya answered that he knew every memory they had from home had his beautiful side but all the bad memories of all related to him, he explained he would mem Asli every memory associated with him is removed from his life, he wants to sell the house and make him pay action because he suffered.

Abhi remembered that he said the brake of his car failed, he would only see his body, he exclaimed he came to revenge, Pragya answered he could think he had the same idea, he thought when he was going back, he would come back to be a very big businessman, Having control over the entire music industry but did not occur when he lived life as an ordinary person, he planned to pull him from the height of his empire which would not think of people because he would only feel good at that time but it could not happen because he had stopped so low so He could destroy it.

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Twist of Fate Wednesday 13th October 2021 Zee World Abhi answered he asked him to see clearly but he couldn’t see it, he stood on the floor but it didn’t mean he could not do it once again, he was Abhishek Prem Mehra and had enough strength to rise to any height, he mentioning his strength is his family but if anyone causes They are sick then he won’t let anyone forget, Abhi explained that he didn’t want the home to be auctioned because it was the memory of Ies he had, he started from Chawl, so his roots were strong.

Abhi answered that he had just got a position to destroy it but he was, on the other hand, reaching it to get height, he vowed to make his pay, he would destroy his goal because he had the ability to destroy it at a certain point of time, Sushma Jee came to have the ability and buy The property of them if he thinks too, he after seeing him feel that he did not have the ability to get anything, he had to leave home, Abhi answered that he used to have a house so he knew the home route, he left.


Sushma Jee asked why she called her here and what needed to be debated, Pragya replied that there was a need like before when she entered the house, she didn’t want to sell it but now after holding her, she would have been selling a house, she would make sure the house was auctioned away.

Abhi was walking when the secretary followed him, he answered he had been ordered to show him the way out of the house, he asked why he followed him because he knew every corner of the house, he answered he had been asked to confirm, he left

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