Twist of Fate Wednesday 6th October 2021 Zee World

Twist Of Fate Wednesday 23rd February 2022
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Twist of Fate Wednesday 6th October 2021 Zee World Abhi Asked Pragya He Live. He tells him that they have no relationship, he doesn’t mean anything to him, he doesn’t mean anything for him. He told him that they could never have the same relationship and the term as before, he was dead for him, and he was dead for him. Abhi did not believe that he was his Pragya, Fuggi, which he was assumed to die in the accident. He did not have the idea that Pragya accused him of a deadly accident, while he had just not been involved in evil.

He could not explain himself doubting because he did not deal with it. He held him to hug and convince himself that he was Abhi, Rockstar. Sushma will rampage see Abhi trying to force her love to Pragya. He ordered Abhi to stop his nonsense and leave. He asked Pragya where was he until now, why didn’t come before, why did he change a lot. He asked him whether his joke he made him leave. Sushma security calls to throw Abhi.

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Abhi asked Pragya why he lived away from his life until now he was still alive and safe. Sushma made Abhi leave his house and saw this Pragya. He found Pragya fell weak seeing Abhi away. Pragya remembers Abhi’s harsh words when he asked him to die and leave their lives. Pragya makes hatred of life to stay strong. Abhi shed tears of sadness when he failed to find out the reason behind the behavior stretching this Pragya.

Abhi and Pragya’s love stories are stuck on the same note of love, betrayal, and losing faith. They met again in this Sumit garage. He told him that he had cheated his love, fate and time had destroyed him and took revenge for the injustice he did. He told him that he was unfair, he loved him, but he betrayed him. He felt his own actions had him being cursed. He tells him that time will tell him who gets cheated, love. He remembered Rhea’s own suicide because Cheat Ranbir and would be sad. Pragya tells him that he will write the story of his destruction. Abhi didn’t care about him threatening, knowing his great love would conquer more hatred.

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Prachi said Pragya that he had received Abhi and his family, he got a lot of relationships in his life, but he lost everything because of Rhea. He hoped that Rhea did not come in their lives damaged it. He felt lonely. Ranbir hugs to calm down. Tanu doesn’t think Abhi will help him. He doesn’t think Abhi will meet Pragya for the sake of him. He realized that Abhi would arrange money for him to save or with his friend to drink alcohol.

He did not want to mention Pragya’s name. He knew that Pragya belonged to a different world now, Pragya will never meet Abhi in this birth. Pragya and Abhi face to face. Abhi expressed his happiness to see Pragya alive. Pragya rebuked him. He told him that he got a pleasant surprise to see him alive. Pragya tells him that he must believe in his fate. He told him that their fate was the same, they were separated and met again.

He came out with emotional happiness. He forgot their past problems that occurred at the time of Rhea’s marriage. He told him that he was happy to see his new appearance. He asked him if he liked it. He tells him that he is not like to deck since he lost Pragya, his love. He added that he believed he was still alive, they were really made for each other. He has missed him a lot. He admitted that he still loved him a lot. He tells him that he heard how much he loves his life. He told me about Baljeet’s belief that Pragya was still alive. Pragya said that people get blind and crazy love.

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Abhi feels this Baljeet’s prayer is answered, that’s why they have been filled with fate. He added that he had come to talk to him about Tanu. He asked him if he was still jealous. Pragya asked him why he told Sushma about his love for his wife Tanu. He wants him to stay away. Abhi said that he was looking for two years. He doesn’t care about him. He told him that he just remembered what he did. He wants Kn.

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