Waec Home Management Answers 2022 Wednesday 18th May

WAEC Music Questions and Answers 2022
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WAEC Home Management Questions and Answers 2022 (100% Verified) Theory & Obj Expo AnswerWAEC Home Management Questions and Answers 2022 is now released for May/June 2022. WAEC Home Management Theory and Objective Answers (100%legit) Home Management 2 Essay verified Free (Expo) for West African Examinations Council. WAEC Home Management Questions For you to have good WAEC result in Home Management as well as repeated questions for free in this post. You will also understand how WAEC Home Management questions are set and how to answer them. The West African Examinations Council is an examination board established by law to determine the examinations required in the public interest in the English-speaking West African countries, to conduct the examinations, and to award certificates comparable to those of equivalent examining authorities internationally

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WAEC Home Management Questions and Answers 2022

WAEC 2022 Home Management Questions will be posted in this page. Our Team are right now with the question paper. It is under verification and once the verification process complete, we will go ahead to upload it here.



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A menu card is defined as a list of dishes to be served or available for meals.

(i) Plan dishes that fit with the theme of your restaurant
(ii) Keep the menu and the descriptions of the food you are serving simple. 
(iii) Price items on the menu based on the raw cost of ingredients
(iv) Apply a word processing program to layout and design the physical menu.



– It boosts baby’s immune system.
– It balances baby’s belly.
– Breastmilk is easily digestible.
– Healthier Bodyweight
– Balanced nutrition

– Thick towels or a sponge-type bath cushion.
– Soft washcloths.
– Basin or clean sink.
– cotton balls.
– Baby shampoo and baby soap


Cooperative society refers to that type of business organization, wherein people work together, for a common goal, i.e. welfare of its members

(i)Worker Cooperatives
(ii) Producer Cooperatives
(iii) Service Cooperatives

(i) Easy to Form
(ii) No Restriction on Membership
(iii) Limited Liability
(iv) Service Motive
(v) Democratic Management
(vi) Low Cost of Operations

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