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Wedding Planners On Star Life Tuesday 25th January 2022
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Wedding Planners Friday 7th January 2022: The Episode begins with Preeti asking how might you go, how might I stay alone, I will go along. Kusum requests that she get peaceful. She says our companionship is exceptional, I will call you and talk. KT expresses what will I call you, companion, backing or guide. Kusum says we will chat on call. She jokes and says I will likewise miss you. She meets the whole family. She gives gifts to Kushala. She asks her not to give it to workers. Kushala grins. She takes a pic with them. She asks Preeti not to wear the green saree, it didn’t exactly measure up for her. Preeti says I will inconvenience you by calls. Kusum says fine, we will do Kushala’s grumbles. She requests that Priyanka give regard and love to everybody, Preeti is at her place now, she won’t ever offer any off-base guidance. Preeti says relax. Kusum embraces Priyanka and says I will return soon. She embraces Preeti.

Its evening, Preeti thinks in the event that I rest on the bed, what will KT figure, how will I respond. He jokes seeing her apply the moisturizer over and over. He sits chipping away at a PC. She says PC has no battery, what work are you doing on the dark screen, I was simply saying. He closes the PC. He says you can rest on the bed, I was figuring what will you think on the off chance that I say it first. She says I was thinking something similar. He says we need to quit reasoning first. She gestures. He gives his hand. She holds his hand and sits on the bed.

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Wedding Planners Friday 7th January 2022: They giggle. He says we will make room rules. She says OK, I will compose. He says no need, simply say it, I will recollect. She says we won’t battle and rest, we will settle the matter and rest. He says phenomenal. She says we will not get on the bed with shoes. He discards his shoes and says sorry. She says don’t feel awful, you don’t play kabaddi on the bed. He says I don’t completely accept that this, alright fine, presently my guidelines, we won’t talk saying ji, it will be formal, attempt just KT. She says KT. He says Preeti. They chuckle. He says we won’t battle and rest, as you said, my standard is we will have a goodnight kiss before we rest. He kisses on her brow. Murmur tum… .plays…

They lie to rest. KT turns off the lights. Its morning, Preeti awakens. She sees KT and grins. She kisses him. Kushala takes Preeti to the medical clinic. Preeti sits stressed. Specialist says I will tell you in the wake of seeing the reports. Kushala says we need KT and Preeti’s youngster. Specialist says I propose surrogacy in this age, we can see as a substitute Kushala says no need, we need the child from Preeti’s belly, it will be the indication of their adoration.

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Wedding Planners Friday 7th January 2022:Sheena shows the setting to KT. KT says its great. A woman comes and gives child to KT. She taps the pic and goes. He asks who are you, take the child back. The woman yells and says you failed to remember me, you met me and gave me this youngster. KT asks what. The woman says have feel sorry for on our child. He asks what, hi, how are you. The woman says this current child’s mum. He says you take this child to his father. She admonishes him and says you are wedding here, deal with the child. He asks what. She requests that child go to her father. She goes. KT says take the child, hi… Baby cries. KT attempts to comfort child. KT requests that Sheena get milk for child. Preeti comes and asks whose child is this. KT says mine. She asks what. He says a young lady came like tempest and said its my child, don’t have the foggiest idea about whose child is it. Preeti says another person gave you a child rather me, I m kidding. He says that young lady exceeded all expectations. Preeti sees him dealing with the child and grinning. She grins and figures I will provide you with the satisfaction of our kid.

Preeti asks is everything fine. Specialist says you have ovarian disease. Preeti cries. Specialist says sorry, you can’t imagine, you have extremely less time. Preeti leaves from the clinic.



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