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Wedding Planners Saturday 11th December 2021: The episode starts with KT saying I will not let the test occur. Preeti says I will come with you, you might take the wrong step in anger, I will come, I’m your wife. He looked at him. They came to the hospital. He said I got a call from the hospital, I came here for blood donations … he went to ask the reception. He said I got a call for blood requirements, I wanted to meet patients once. He went to see the patient. They were surprised to see Arjun.

Nandini said Arjun lost a lot of blood, he just wanted to be with you, asked Preeti, he was drunk driving in the morning, he met an accident, thank God, you have come, he has a rare blood type like you, he is yours, his habits and blood It also suits you, seeing the results do not accept it, you are responsible for that, accept it as your son, he fights with death, can every mother lie at this time, only your blood can save him, please save him. KT remember Arjun’s words and sadness. The nurse asked for KT to come for blood donors. KT left. Nandini asked Preeti to live with Arjun. He said I wanted to go and pray for his life. He left and thought finally KT believed my words.

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Wedding Planners Saturday 11th December 2021: Priyanka and Aastha called Kusum to repair the cylinder. Kusum tried and said you had to learn small things, I left all these things since I became SaaS, Juhi did everything, my mother used to say that the person should not leave his job, you both educated, you are also uneducated, you also don’t Educated, you are also not educated, you don’t. know. Neil comes home. Priyanka says you are here. Neil said yes. He met Kusum. Aastha said I was Mastha, everyone had to know my name, we needed heroes to save our hero. He asked aunt? He said no, cylinder. He asked him to take the shoes and leave. He went to repair the cylinder. He said it was finished, I stayed at the hostel and learned everything, I was a nice chef. Aastha says every girl will like you, if a chef like you, I asked him to leave. Kusum said he continued, he was naughty. Neil asks we will start. Kusum said yes, Priyanka took it there. Priyanka asks what. Kusum said Neil was doing an MBA, Preeti said he wanted to go to college, I said Priyanka could teach him, went and taught him. Neil Thank you Priyanka for help.

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KT came to Arjun. Preeti asks if you give blood. He said yes. He said don’t worry, Arjun will be fine. KT asks for a promise of Preeti. He nodded. He entertained him. He cried and hugged him. Abhi Mujh Mein …plays … he said I had checked Arjun’s report, his birth friend matched, that meant he was my son, I was his father, what would I say to him. Preeti said Arjun needed his father, his anger would get less by your love, you accept it, he will forget everything and remember your love. He said everything was very strange. He said since our marriage, so many dramas that happened in my life, you would hate me, I was very selfish. He thought it wasn’t hatred, but I didn’t understand all this. He said I’m sorry. He made him hold Arjun’s hand. He cries.

Wedding Planners Saturday 11th December 2021: He came out and thought why I felt tended to him, he was injured and I felt sick, what happened. I slept on his shoulder. He also sleeps. That morning, Preeti woke up and rested KT on the couch. His saree was trapped. He turned and saw it. Ik tara …plays …. he released the saree and left. Arjun woke up and said KT PA. KT woke up and saw it. He went to Arjun. Arjun turned away. KT asks you will not talk to me. He asked Arjun to start new. They replayed their first moments. He said Arjun Tibewal, my son. He hugged Arjun. He said you won, on, you found your father, you will stay with me now in my house. Arjun cries.

Neelima welcomed Arjun home. Arjun asked Nandini to come. Nandini came there. Everyone is surprised. Arjun said KT asked Mother to come. Preeta sees KT.


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