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Wedding Planners Friday 24th December 2021 The Episode begins with Preeti calling KT to tell Nandini’s reality. She gets his number off. She stresses. She says for what reason do I feel that something wrong will occur. KT figures I will win Nandini’s trust and draw near to her, I will discover the reason why she returned following 17 years. Nandini requests that KT take her to predetermination building. He says its a foreboding spot, individuals say that … . She says its self destruction point, we don’t pay attention to individuals, later it was called sweethearts point, the structure didn’t finish till now, we can go there and restore recollections. He says obviously. She figures you will hop down and kick the bucket, your family will grieve for you, your battle with Preeti will be accused.

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Preeti says it implies Nandini will accomplish something, how might I discover where is he. FB shows KT coming to the workplace. Preeti says you are late, you lie a great deal, I feel humiliated by your falsehoods. KT says I m constant to get late, I can’t see you upset, I have introduced GPRS framework in my vehicle, you can follow me whenever, you get amicable with the innovation. FB closes. She says vehicle GPRS…

KT and Nandini arrive at the structure. She figures its chance to render retribution for Ravi, you will bite the dust and individuals think you ended it all. They go to the porch. She says I won’t allow you to kick the bucket thusly, my life’s thought process will move past, how might I stay alive then, at that point. KT peers down. Nandini holds him. She says I failed to remember you are frightened of tallness. He says no, I simply feel dazed, I m KT the genius, I m fine. Nandini says you were the genius previously. He inquires as to for what reason did we come here. She says its opportunity to deliver retribution for the past. He asks retribution, what are you saying. She says one ought to satisfy the last wish of the perishing individual, in the event that I satisfy the executioner’s desire then, at that point. He asks what. She says I need you to give your life today. He asks what are you saying. She pushes him down. She bids farewell Keertan… .

KT tumbles down and bites the dust. Her creative mind closes. KT asks where are you lost, what did you think now. She says I m simply thinking. She considers Ravi. She attempts to push KT. Preeti comes there and yells KT ji. She races to KT and pulls him away from the edge. He asks what occurred. She embraces him. She chides Preeti. She requests that KT make Preeti leave. Preeti says stop the show, I realize you got to be aware of our theatrics. KT asks what are you saying. Preeti says OK, she didn’t drink that wine and acted to swoon, she had eliminated the camera tape, she realized we are acting, she is exceptionally brilliant and hazardous, don’t have the foggiest idea for what reason did she come here, she has made school Principal shut his mouth by compromising him, we can’t keep her home. KT says you are correct, Nandini, you do great dramatization, your game is finished, gather your packs and leave.

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Wedding Planners Friday 24th December 2021 : Nandini says you figure I will effectively leave assuming you say, never. He says I was unable to get you, you would decline to my adoration and run with another person, you are so perilous. Nandini grins. KT says I don’t have a clue for what reason did you come, what you need to do. Nandini says you won’t ever find this solution. KT says I don’t need the response, simply take off from the house and never left away. She says Arjun is living there, in the event that I live, he will likewise go with me. He says he is my child too. She says he will remain where I tell him, its your home, your choice. Preeti says she realizes Arjun is your shortcoming, make her out of the house. Nandini says reconsider KT. She calls Arjun and says gather your sacks, KT doesn’t need us to remain together. Arjun says OK, I will remain with you. Nandini says Arjun will leave you, you conclude it now KT, you will not get Arjun of all time.

Wedding Planners Friday 24th December 2021:KT reviews Arjun and says I can’t lose Arjun. Preeti says she knows this, so she is holding on to strike her, don’t give her visit access the house, she is utilizing Arjun, don’t have the foggiest idea what is her thought process, simply make her out of the house, I guarantee, we will converse with Arjun and persuade him, if it’s not too much trouble, pay attention to me, make Nandini out of the house.

KT presents his child Arjun. Nandini says lie, Arjun isn’t KT’s child, I had embraced Arjun. She humiliates KT and requests that he end it all as Ravi did. KT ends it all. Preeti and family get stunned.


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