Wedding Planners Starlife Full Story,Summary, Casts, & Teasers

Wedding Planners On Star Life Tuesday 25th January 2022
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Wedding Planners Starlife Full Story


Wedding Planners Starlife Full Story:Two wedding planners, who have contrasting personalities, joint ventures as business partners to manage the wedding bureau. The show promises self-rental trips from two individuals who are very different from each other but what makes them stay together is respect.

Wedding Planners Starlife Full Story

Wedding Planners Starlife Full Story

Full story line.

Preeti, a woman who was simple and attentive, wanted to get self-esteem by working as a wedding planner after her son, Tarun, and his wife, Rati, threw it out of the house.

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On the other hand, KT, who performed happy, hiding deep wounds in it. When Chanda Rathore, a bride for a bride for KT, insulted him because he refused, Uncle Sushant KT motivated him to work again.KT offered a business partnership for Preeti, which was originally back and forth but agreed when KT stood up for him before the client wretched. They face many problems in the early days of their business, but this leads them to develop friendship bonds, trust, and respect.

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Tarun submitted a challenge before Preeti where, in 25 days, he must prove he was able to become an entrepreneur. With the help of KT, he won.While setting the 50th marriage warnings of Bua Sa and Fufa SA, the misunderstanding occurred, leading Preeti to destroy his partnership with KT after completing the event with mysterious clients.On the day of the wedding, the mysterious client turned out to be a former wife of KT, Nandini. For revenge, KT married Preeti. However, Preeti knew that their relationship was mutual respect.After their marriage, Preeti fell in love with KT, and they collaborated to find Nandini motifs.On the day of Sankranti Makar, Nandini revealed Arjun was orphaned. KT was stuck in a fire but was saved by Preeti. Nandini was arrested but vowed to return. Then, Tarun and Arjun apologized to Preeti for persecuting him.Kusum broke the bond with Preeti when Neel denied having a feeling for Priyanka and got engaged to Shika. Neel told KT and Preeti that Kushaala pressed it to get married when they passed the business crisis. Preeta and KT regulate money through Shaadi Mubarak. Kusum apologized to Preeti and gave his blessings to Priyanka and Neel. Preeta and KT both agreed to divorce, because KT did not like Preeti.While Preeti went to Mumbai, KT realized he was in love with him. Desperate to win it back, KT rushed to Preeti and expressed his love for him publicly, and they made peace.Kusum went abroad with Aastha for his studies. Preeta was heartbroken after being diagnosed with ovarian cancer. KT and Peeeti for a long time for a child so they chose Phurti, a cheerful bubbling girl who dreamed of living in London, as a substitute in return to send him to London. Phurti became pregnant with KT and Preeti’s child through IVF. Preeti introduced Phurti as his sister with family when he began living in Tibewal’s house.Tibrewals were in chaos after revelation of Phurti’s pregnancy when KT received a baby as his and Prei. Kushaala criticized Preeti for taking his son away from him after KT handled his decision and Preeti to choose Surrogacy to get the KT and the family of a child. After several tensions, the family finally received a Surroogacy situation.

Eight months passed:
Juhi found a doctor who could cure Preeti. While the Baby Shower KT and Preeti took place, Kushaala found Preeti in pain after slipping in the bathroom and admitted it to the hospital. After seeing preeti on

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