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Wedding Planners Thursday 9th December 2021 :The episode starts with KT ask Nandini to answer the call Arjun. Arjun says Mom, I’m fine, I came to the hotel. He said thank you God, Arjun is found, he will go back to the hotel. She was holding the hand of KT. KT said okay, I will drop you to your hotel. Preeti says it’s too late, KT did not come. She waited for him. KT come. He acted to sleep. He said you do not sleep, do not act, leave the acting to me. He said no, I’m trying to sleep, why you are late, Papa asked. He said I want to ask you, why did you make me go to Nandini. He said for the sake Arjun, he is your son. He says he’s not my son, you do not know how Nandini go, do not interfere in this matter.

Nandini said preeti failed in our plan. He is angry. Arjun said preeti does not have an answer when Dadi said I was the son. Nandini said fine. KT ask preeti to sleep in a bed. He remembered KT kicked him in his sleep. He told me I could not sleep in the bed. He asks if you want me to ask you every day. He said I do not want to register balm every day.

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He asks what you mean. He said you do not sleep, you play some sport in the evening, you kicked me and I fell on the bed, it’s true. He smiled and called it a lie. He says I’m not lying, the truth. He says I do not believe, no sleep like that. He played match. He went to turn off the TV. He sees the series happens. He got the idea to complete DNA testing. He said this would be true. He came and said no, the TV will not soon go away. He watched again. He thought KT did not believe his son Arjun is, DNA testing will show the truth.

The next morning, preeti remember everything. He thought I could find out if KT is Arjun’s father, if it is true, then Arjun will be away from the love of a father, I have to complete DNA testing. She checked the DNA test online. He went to get a haircut KT. Neelima saw it and was pleasantly surprised. He got a call. He thought to see preeti later. KT changed sides and sleep. Preeti tried hard to get a haircut. KT continues to move across the bed. Saree preeti jammed. He fell on the arm of KT. Moh moh to dhaage …. plays …

He goes. He told me I had to cut a strand of hair, but I can not, what should I do now, I would like a sample for DNA testing. He sees a brush KT and said this could also help. Sneha asked what, why he cut the hair of KT. Neelima says he was asleep, maybe she did black magic, I will bring the truth in front of KT. KT wakes up. He went to the restroom. He did not see his brush. She was looking for her. Shivraj ask preeti to have food. KT came and said I did not get a toothbrush.

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Wedding Planners Thursday 9th December 2021: Neelima asked how the brush can be lost. Preeti asked him to buy a new one. KT said I need a new soak overnight in clove oil. Neelima interrupted and berated preeti.

Wedding Planners Thursday 9th December 2021: Preeti says I’m just suggesting. KT asks if you reason for this problem, if you donate to brush my teeth with goods, it has nothing to do with Nandini, this new brush me, I want it. He asks what you say. She said no one went there, brush gone now. Shivraj say go and find it. He went to find her. He said I should do this for perbaikannya. KT said we will check your bags, you might save a brush because of an error. He tried to stop. He says you doubt me, why I stole your toothbrush, I could steal your money if I want to. Bag open and everything fell.

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KT and preeti argue about Arjun. KT says you have to chase me, Arjun is not my child, I do not want to test DNA.


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