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Wedding Planners Wednesday 5th January 2022: The Episode begins with KT’s heart thumping for Preeti. He considers Preeti. He holds his heart. Dev comes to Meera and says legal advisor has sent the legal documents, sign it. Meera becomes disturbed. KT looks on. Dev takes the papers back and tears it. He says I can’t survive without you, how about you say it, I was disturbed that you didn’t stop me for separate, yet today, I got it, you have made a decent attempt to save our marriage. KT reviews his words. Dev says the driver assaulted you, express gratitude toward God Preeti was with you. KT thinks Preeti was with Meera, she was at serious risk, I thought…

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Dev says I was a numb-skull that I didn’t feel that I love you a ton. He embraces Meera and says I can’t survive without you. KT says I can’t survive without Preeti, I love her, I need to prevent her from leaving. He runs and gets some information about her. Sheena says I have seen her taking a taxi for the transport stand. Preeti arrives at the transport stand. She gets pitiful considering KT. She gets inside the transport. KT comes searching for Preeti. The man asks did she flee. KT says I won’t allow it to occur. He doesn’t see Preeti. He goes to the guide and takes the speaker. He says I will give it, stand by. The young lady says that is film star KT. KT yells Preeti ji. Preeti hears him.

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Wedding Planners Wednesday 5th January 2022: KT remains on the transport and asks Preeti where is she, he has come to take her. He says everybody thinks I m a whiz, I m a failure star, I can’t survive without Preeti, I m not a liar, my heart was a liar, my heart began pulsating, I experienced passionate feelings for, I understood your value when you left me, this is reality, I was acting aggravated, I was frightened that you will leave me, kindly stop, I have come to take you, Preeti accomplice, your KT came to take you.

Wedding Planners Wednesday 5th January 2022: He returns the speaker. The man says the transport from Udaipur to Mumbai is leaving now. Preeti’s transport leaves. KT requests that the transport driver follow that transport, else he will bounce down. The transport driver takes him. KT gets down on Preeti. Preeti sees him and cries. KT requests that the driver drive in speed. The driver gets the transport before the other transport. Individuals get down and ask what’s going on. KT gets down on Preeti. Individuals request that Preeti descend the transport. KT will see Preeti.

Kushala says let my companions know that you will give a child to KT, what occurred. A woman gives up a child to KT and snaps pic. KT requests that she take the child back.


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